Kogi State University Students In Quandary As ASUU Refused To Call Off Strike

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In the mid sunny afternoon of 14 of April 2016, the Academic Staff Union of University Kogi State University branch embarked on a no pay no work strike holding to the facts that the newly Government of the State refused to pay them their hard earned salary which placed them in a melancholic position. The Government pleaded to them in order to exercise patient since there was not enough money which would cater for their five months unpaid salary.

The 2 Months and a Week old strike had taken a toll out from the pitiful students especially the newly admitted ones, who have not yet witnessed strike in the school. Many drastic steps had been put in place by the Student Union Government (S.U.G) and National Association of Kogi State Student (NAKOSS) to ensure this menace which degrade the personalities of the students is brought to an end but unsuccessfully it keep showing its strength.

Some of the Muslim Student took the task individually upon themselves as an opportunity to fast and pray reverently in this blessed month of Ramadan just to see that they resume happily to the class and continue their Academic activities, The students are in deep confusion and frustration as the saying goes thus “when two elephants are in combat, it is the soil who suffers”.

On 1st of May 2016, the State Government reported that they had received 20 billion Naira bail out fund from the Federal Government which will amount to easy distribution of salary among its workers but reverse was the case.

Should the Student embark on a peaceful protest or sit down and fold hands pretending nothing is at stake?, their future are been jeopardize here abandoning them roaming the four walls corner of the country like a forgetful lamb, Who should they cry to? The State Government who had paid 4 months salary instead of the said 5 months or the “Asuu” who claimed they must received all outstanding unpaid salary as they worked tiredly for it.

It was known to the Student on 21 June 2016 that the top Official of the University included the Vice Chancellor, Dean, the Head of Department of all departments among Others, went on a meeting to decide about how the strike would be called off, it yielded a positive result and Asuu meeting was scheduled to hold the next day.

The Student wore an optimistic attire about the good news which was patiently taking a step to kiss their hearing, only to be dump found that the outcome of the Asuu meeting yielded “Strike Continues”.

The Academic Staff Union of University kogi State University Branch refused to end the strike unless the State Government returned what belongs to them which Is the one month unpaid salary.

My candid advice to the poor students of Kogi State University that they should not relent or give hope on this situation, they should keep on praying and fasting, believing in God Who will restore things to its normal position and lastly they should study and read their books.

(c) Momoh Ayuba Danjumah
Kogi State University Student


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