Kogi State Predicament; Is It A Consequence Of Unpleasant and Harmful Spell?

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There is evil everywhere under the sun and in different guises. I learnt that when anyone is afflicted with the unpleasant and harmful spell, things stop working for him as envisaged, every good thing he does turns out negative, every step he takes becomes a misstep, everything he says is misunderstood.

If you look deeply into the orbit of Kogi State government since taking over almost sixteen months ago, you cannot but wonder if the administration and most of its officials aren’t suffering from an unpleasant and harmful spell. Till this moment, the spell  casted since the untimely demise of Late Prince Abubakar Audu had not yet been exorcised.

That is why the majority of Executive committee members of the ruling party have been at loggerheads with the Governor constituting itself to a vibrant opposition. That is why all attempts to reconcile them have ended up in futility. Let’s not waste much time on the drama playing out within the APC in Kogi State. Its case looks like the case of a Omoye, the rhetorical mad person who has entered the market. It will take more than the expertise of a psychiatrist to cure such madness.

Let’s dwell on Alhaji Yahaya Bello who is the head of the ruling government and statutory leader of the APC in the state. Who would have imagined that after his divine emergence as Governor  he would now be bogged down by so much crisis within and without?

This spell has also struck  government appointees. They say one thing and it’s wrongly presented and misinterpreted.
Sometimes ‘mischief-makers’ post messages online and they are forced to deny them and in the process make conflicting and confusing proclamations.

Isn’t it shocking that rather than getting praises for improving the erstwhile sordid security situation in state, Kogites are more concerned with the humongous sum allocated to the Governor as Security votes?

I believe the administration deserves accolades for what it has achieved in terms of security, efforts at infrastructural development and agriculture and if it’s getting knocks for these feats rather than kudos, then something must be fishy.

If after a year of screening to rid the state payroll of ghost workers and pensioners, the state is still being haunted by the cries of genuine workers owed between 4 to 15 months of salaries, does anyone require additional evidence that our state is  under an unpleasant and harmful spell?

Who could have placed a curse on Kogi state? The answer isn’t far to seek. It’s the ordinary people who are suffering untold agony foisted on them by inept and callous individuals in government. Many politicians do anything to get into office and their motive is self service rather than the good of all.

Except the labour imbroglio that has kept workers in anguish is resolved; unless tertiary institutions under lock are reopened; unless government take the welfare of the average Kogite serious and put in place policies to make their lives better, the spell won’t disappear.  It’s unfortunate that even the good-intentioned politicians are now suffering from the evil perpetrated by others. The sad development will continue to manifest in the output of  the present administration until conscious cleansing effort is made.

Government in Kogi State must seek the face of God and rule with the fear that they will ultimately account to the Creator for every office held and resource expended.

– Charles Olalekan Aiyenigba writes from Ilorin.

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