Kogi State APC Under Hon. Abdullahi Bello

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By Abdulrahim Omeiza Habib.
Chairman, Kogi State chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Abdullahi Bello (Aka Dollar) has pledged to strive to promote internal democracy within the party and its structure.
The chairman is poised to lead a party that is a voluntary association and not an amorphous informal mob that is not governed by the mood of its leaders at various levels. The state APC will be seen to operate on the basis of its rules as enshrined in the party constitution and other laws of the state as they relate to the formation and administration of political parties.
Indeed, the Constitution of the party is the basis of the contract between the party members. Thus a credible membership register is a pre-condition for sustainable internal party democracy.
As the governing party that is founded on the values of social democracy, we must be seen to play politics of inclusion which encourages debates, contestations and consensus on policy choices. The overall objective will be to create platforms for setting Kogi state development agenda, that will focus on the issues that affect the people of the state, on the front burner.
We do not want to show the difference between what is happening now and what happened in the past because the facts are glaring. God has benefited us and we should be in the vanguard of benefiting others throughout the state and move Kogi forward. This is our mission in Kogi state APC
In his wisdom, Hon Abdullahi has created credible and organized platforms to interrogate and debate matters of state importance in order to void ethnic champions, religious bigots and other elements within different motives, and idle individuals that tends to promote hate speeches and even in some cases beat the drums of disunity. The party will, therefore, serve as a veritable tool and platform to keep the Governor and the House of Assembly to work in synergy, remain faithful and focused on delivering the dividends of democracy to the entire people of Kogi state.
The leadership of the party will work towards expanding its membership, to enable Kogi state of all ethnic and economic backgrounds gain access to the party. It will indeed be exciting to see the party move in a direction that will inspire confidence in the people of Kogi state and our mission is massive undertaking, and it will not be derailed from this vision because those who believe in it stand vigilant and resolute will work more to strengthen the party. In unity, we must continue to work hard to fulfil the hopes that our people have invested in our great party both in state and at federal level.
We cannot rest on our oars. The new executives will further energise the party, reinforce its strength and presence at the grassroots. Big challenges lie ahead. However, we commended all our members and leaders of the party for demonstrating and showing loyalty and fidelity to the ideals of APC. The party and the state government have worked in close collaboration. Let this spirit continue. Let us continue to make life better for Kogi people. It is the solemn duty that we owe our people.
The party is committed to a strong system of governance, state and local levels as the most effective vehicle for harnessing the diversity and preserving the unity of Kogi state. We must compliment the efforts of good men and women who have come together to create a viable platform by giving them the youthful numbers, energy, exuberance, skills and commitment not only because we want to, but because we have to. We must participate in defining the destiny of our great party.

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