Kogi: PDP Sacks Ekinrin-Adde Ward Leader

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Chief Shola Adedoyin has been removed as the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekinrin-Adde ward, Ijumu local government area of Kogi state.

The ward executive members of the party in Ekinrin Adde also suspended the erstwhile ward leader’s brother, Mr Festus Adedoyin as the party’s Vice Chairman.

The party, in a letter directed to the Ijumu local government Chairman and signed by the ward chairman, Mr Otitoju James Kode and fifteen others, accused Hon Shola Adedoyin of financial infidelity and total domination of the party’s executives at the ward level.

The party said that Hon Shola Adedoyin highhandedness and penchant for self aggrandizement has culminated into the party losing out in the last general elections.

“It is high time we bring to your notice the misdeeds, lukewarm, ineptness and gross misconduct of Chief Shola Adedoyin. This is done in time before the matter escalates beyond restoration.

“Firstly, he is so immersed in bad habits such as highhandedness, self aggrandizement, inflexibility and unhealthy domination over party executives. He has also turned himself to a leader who nobody can talk to or offer piece of advice on matter concerning the general welfare and progress of our great party.

“A tree, they say, cannot make a forest. But he has turned himself to a giant Iroko tree that can make a forest in piloting the affairs of PDP in Ekinrin-Adde ward using his brother, Mr Adedoyin Festus, as a cohort in carrying out all these misdeeds. By claiming to be a giant Iroko tree, he has never delivered his polling unit in the past elections.

“In addition, his highhandedness and aggrandizement are exhibited  and clearly evident in the removal and installation of the party executives without a genuine reason whatsoever. Does party constitution give such autonomy to any individual to do and undo?

“The recent is the circulation, within the ward, a suspension letter spearheaded by his younger brother luring some executive members to sign deceiving them that they would be given empowerment by the leader who asked him to gather their names and signatures.

“He has turned our great party to his personal organization which he can control and dominate at his whims and caprices. As a matter of fact, he abhors being corrected in any of his plights even if a fault is noticed, especially in any matter that concerns the party.

“It is interesting to inform your honour that his refusal to give out delegation money meant for the former youth leader of the party led to the defection of that boy to another party. More so, during the last general election, he cunningly deducted a wholesome of One Hundred And Fifty Thousand(N150,000) from the “pushing money” which he could not give a concise account for. This was repeated during the last governorship election when he singlehandedly shared the money without the presence of any executive members and leaders of the party. He is not even concern whether the party wins or loses in as much as he could gain his heart desires which is money.

“In conclusion, all these attitudes cannot do the party any good but wreck destruction on our party especially during this stiffness in opposition party. He has to be called to order before the forthcoming local government election. We want the honorable leaders of our great party to invite us eyeball to eyeball to look into the case to let peace reign supreme and as a result, the party will progress successfully.

“We hereby remove him as our leader and suspend his younger brother, Festus Adedoyin as the Vice Chairman of the party in the ward,” the letter read.

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