Kogi Organized Labour Praises Gov. Bello for Paying Full March Salaries to State Workers

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The leadership of the organized Labour in Kogi State has applauded the state government for paying full salary to state civil servants for the month March.

A joint statement by the NLC chairman, Comrade Onuh Edoka and his TUC counterpart, Comrade Mathew Ranti Ojo, said state civil servants have received their March salaries in full, noting that the government has lived up to the promise made to workers in February.

“Workers and pensioners on the payroll of the state government have been paid their March salaries hundred percent and we are happy for that.

“Civil servants at that level are now well motivated to deliver on their mandates in their various offices,” the statement said.

They called on the Governor to look into the plight of Local Government workers with a view to improving the salaries of workers at that level.

They appealed to the Governor to direct the payment of arrears of February salaries and other outstanding arrears to the workers

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