Kogi: No Greater Hell Than This

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More often we hear about Hell and things that happen there, but with all these things that characterize Hell, we get to see that they are nothing compared to what is happening in Kogi State presently. Kogi people are suffering pains, hunger; many are dying among many other things happening in the state. All these things are as a result of the inhuman activities of our government. When this party APC came on board in Kogi, our hope was raised, we were happy as we expressed optimism that their rule will bring us good things, development and peace within the state. We hinged our belief on the fact that they are new and will want to retain power thereby performing better than what we had before.

After the swearing in of our Governor, we also expressed optimism looking at the circumstances that surrounded his emergence coupled with the fact that he is the youngest governor in the country. We raised our hope thinking that our savior has come, we believed in the party, the governor and his cabinets. The administration soon began after the swearing in, we were first faced with the idea of screening, people’s salaries were stopped, we encouraged our people to bear and go in line with the aim and objectives of the screening thinking that the screening idea was brought in order to sanitize the civil service not knowing that it was to victimize the people.

There is a man I know so well that retired in July 2015 and his last payment received was Dec 2015 meaning he has not received a dime since the inception of this administration. We have cases where some group will be paid and others will not and yet the government will claim workers have been paid. Taking the case of Ijumu L.G.A for example, about 65 primary schools teachers retired in the L.G.A in 2015, after the screening result was release, about 12 of them were not cleared without them knowing the reason. The question is ‘Is this a plot to loot fund?’ as these people have no one to fight their course except God.

We have workers that have not been cleared and up till now many of them don’t know why? APC raised our hope in vain; Bello dashed our confidence in him.

Many have been rendered homeless as they can no longer pay for house rent, some school children have dropped out, many that are on medications can no longer afford it thereby resulting to the death of many. Instead of the government to be humble, look at people’s needs and work toward meeting them. It resorts to politics of hate, attack and witch-hunting. One thing this administration has to know is that no matter how long it seems, this administration will still come to an end and you will only be remembered by what you have done.

It will be nice for this administration to know that whatever they do now will be told to generations to come either good or bad and it will be nice to make changes now as no good has been noted yet about this administration.

– Elijah Babatunde Sunday

Ayetoro Gbede, Ijumu L.G.A


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