Kogi, Nasarawa Pilgrims Arrive in Makkah, Begin Hajj Rites

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The second batch of 382 Nigerian pilgrims from Nasarawa State on Wednesday joined their Kogi counterparts to formally begin this year’s Hajj rites in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


The pilgrims, comprising 245 males, left Madinah after spending eight days of worship in the Holy Prophet’s Mosque and visits to historical sites.


They joined the first batch of 446 pilgrims from Kogi which left Madinah on Tuesday.


Meanwhile, security guards at a hotel that accommodated the Nasarawa pilgrims in Madinah rescued one of the pilgrims from the top roof of a 10-storey building shortly before their departure to Makkah.


A News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) correspondent, who witnessed the incident reports that the pilgrim, who strayed onto the top roof, surprised many others who had assembled outside waiting to be transported to Makkah.


After wandering aimlessly on the roof floor without assistance, the pilgrim threw a bag down to the street outside to attract attention of passersby and his colleagues.


The incident attracted a huge crowd, including officials of the state pilgrims agency who looked helpless, before security guards immediately rushed to his rescue.


The state officials declined comments when contacted by newsmen


However, an official of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), who alerted the guards after watching the helpless pilgrim, said the incident was unfortunate.


The official, who spoke on condition anonymity, said the pilgrim might have failed to adhere to advice by officials on how to operate the hotel elevators.

“All pilgrims were shown how to use the elevator and there are people he could approach to use the facility but he chose to ignore advice.”


The pilgrim (name withheld) later told NAN that he used the staircase but met some hotel workers who were also going up.


“It was in the process that I found myself on the last roof floor and could not come down because they had locked the door.



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