Kogi Guber Race: Unveiling the Icon of Hope, Astute Manager of Resources, Adebanji David Jimoh

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As it is the tradition for the electorate to elect their respective governor in Nigeria’s fledging democratic voyage after every four years, Kogi State won’t be an exemption.

By first week of November 2023, the Kogi State gubernatorial contest would have reached its crescendo.

Before the d-day, the various political parties would have completed the routine of picking a candidate to hoist their flag in the forthcoming election.

All hopes of every Kogites will reside on the Delegates who will ultimately decide our political fate and future in another four years term.

Advantageously, Kogi State is blessed with diverse potentials and opportunities – human, material and mineral resources.

In a very long time, we have craved for selfless political decisions & actions that could lead us to our desired eldorado! Without any iota of pessimism, we are yet to get there!

All things being equal, 11th November 2023 is the opportuned time to unveil a firebrand, a silent achiever with impeccable track records in his numerous engagement who has come to change the tide.

In view of his inter- continental connections and wide range lobbying acumen and influence, the Kogi State of our dreams is about to unfold under the tutelage of Adebanji David Jimoh.

For his innumerable contribution to National growth and development as a Business Executive and Financial Manager of immense repute, he is coming to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for a virile, sustainable, prosperous, viable, enterprising and investment laden Kogi State.

As a precocious grassroot entrepreneur and community builder, David, is in sync with the feelings of his Kogi people. He is also in consonance with Kogi State political economy, dynamics and workings.

Banji Jimoh is a renowned leader with innate qualities and instinctive proclivities. His heart strikes a rhythm with those of the People; he feels their pulses, pains and shortcomings. He does what he can to lift up dejected souls from state of hopelessness to a brighter and an assured future.

Morning, it is said, depicts the day!

How unpalatable do we want the trend to continue unabated? It is our journey and our story; no non- partaker should dictate what the future lies for posterity.

In all his endeavours spanning over 30 years, Banji Jimoh has been forthright, humble to a fault, accessible, knows his onion, articulate, versatile, professional, full of capacity, destined for greatness, synergizer, grassroot mobilizer and a good manager of men, tools and resources.

For steady growth and developmentally inclined Kogi State, this is the right avenue to place a square peg (David) in a square hole (Kogi State) for the sake of POSTERITY.

Dear Distinguished Kogi State APC Delegates,

Crave for servant-leadership, humility personified demeanour, vote Banji Jimoh.

Think equitable distribution of scarce resources and life changing infrastructural development, vote Banji Jimoh.

Crave for better, well equipped and result oriented civil service reforms, vote Banji Jimoh.

Think of accelerated growth and rapid development in all facets of life, vote Banji Jimoh.

Crave for investment friendly and conducive business environment, vote Banji Jimoh.

Think of laudable empowerment initiatives and proactive small and medium scale interventions, vote Banji Jimoh.

Crave for improved educational, impactful and knowledge oriented reforms, vote Banji Jimoh.

Crave for modern agricultural innovations, improved seedlings and technological drives, vote Banji Jimoh.

Crave for minute by minute improvement in the worrisome youth unemployment indices, vote Banji Jimoh.

Think of unrestricted accountability, regular stewardship and prudency, vote Banji Jimoh.

Think of according homage to traditional institutions, respect for cultures of diverse interests, vote Banji Jimoh.

– Olonikadi Ayodele
For: Kogi State Vanguard for Equity, Fairness and Justice Movement.

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