Kogi Guber: PDP Members Still In The Party Will Pay Their Candidate In His Own Coin on 11/11 – Olayemi

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Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve. With the way things are looking now, that is the fate that awaits the PDP candidate in the Kogi State gubernatorial elections.

The irony shouldn’t be lost on us that the only reason there are members remaining in the PDP is to finish what the members that left started. This is despite his blanket media silence. He thinks this period of abstinence from making comical videos and songs and generally being a national embarrassment to the state will erase the people’s memories and make him look more like ‘gubernatorial’ material.

Unfortunately it is not so. He should realize that he has been rejected and those left with him at the moment are only waiting to collect their ‘push’ money on Election Day and disappear. He himself should know by now that he doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Knowing him, he might not even release any funds he might have realized from donations from friends and political associates. Such is the despair right now.

The juggernaut that is the Ododo/Joel Campaign train will crush any opposition in its way. You either get on board or stay off the track. The APC will make sure that the state is not handed over to those who appear to lack the most basic of home training.

The foundation for a more inclusive brand of politics in Kogi State that takes into consideration the cultural diversity and differing political ideologies as laid down by GYB under the APC, must not be eroded by those who are unable to think of anybody except themselves.

We must all guard against this with all our strength and with all our might, so help us God.

Otunba Niyi Olayemi
DG, Ododo/Joel Campaign Committee,
Kabba/Bunu LG, Kogi State.

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