Kogi Guber: Gov Bello’s Meeting With Feleke a Masterstroke

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Last Saturday, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and the APC candidate for the November 16th Governorship election hosted Hon James Abiodun Faleke to a meeting that was described as fruitful and strategic ahead  the governorship election.

In this commentary, Michael Odekina Michael writes on the positive implication of having the former running mate to late Prince Abubakar Audu, the 2015 governorship candidate of the APC to the mainstream, insisting that it is a masterstroke that has signal what the election would bring.

It is no longer news that come November 16th, 2019, Kogi people will file out to elect a new Governor that will pilot the affairs of the State for another four years.

What is however the news is the commitment of Governor Yahaya Bello, the incumbent governor and the flag bearer of the All Progressive Congress not living any stone to chance in bringing on board all the members of the party together to ensure that the coming election is won clean, clear and convincingly.

Since he came on board in January 2016, Governor Yahaya Bello has not shied away from the fact that all aggrieved members of the party must be reconciled with and brought on board.

The last weekend hosting of Chief James Abiodun Faleke by Governor Bello clearly underscored that determination.

Recalled that the major happenings in Kogi State now, from the West, Central and Eastern parts of the State is the massive return of all APC members, who hitherto have had reasons to sing discordant tunes.

Similarly, the governor did not only limit his reconciliation and return to APC fold old and founding members, in Kogi today. The massive influx into the APC by members of the opposition PDP and other political parties, is already pointing signals  to what November 16th, 2019 will look like, a sure victory of course for Governor Bello and Chief Edward Onoja’s ticket.

Major amongst the governor’s reconciliation moves that saw the APC standing like the rock of Gibraltar was that between the Hadi Ametuo faction of the APC executives. That singular action seems to have set the tone for the many good things now happening to the APC.

Highly exciting is the coming on board of Dr. Saidu Ogah and Gen. Patrick Akpa, two former governorship aspirants that saw the need for reconciliation and accepted the governor’s olive branch.

Similarly, the combination of Gov. Bello and Chief Edward Onoja as a winning ticket that enjoyed wide acceptance vis a vis the weak candidates of the opposition PDP, also was an influencing factor that has made the APC reconciliation moves rewarding.

The jubilation and commendation that trailed the meeting of Governor Bello and Chief Abiodun Faleke cannot be imagined as across the streets, people trouped out in joy to say the battle of two warning and major actors of the APC has finally sealed the APC victory in the coming governorship polls.

The jubilation was occasioned by the fruitful discussion between Governor Bello and Chief Faleke. The meeting was rewarding and strategies  discussed to perfect a clear victory for the APC is no doubt commendable.

Like it has always been said, in politics there is no permanent enemy but interest. The major gladiators have once again proven that the Kogi project is far and above any individual.

While it is safe to state that under the governor Bello’s administration, so much of milestones has been made in the unity of the people, never has an administration engendered cohesion and togetherness amongst the people like it is presently witnessed, a good majority in the State believe that this feat should be sustained beyond 2019.

Similarly, unlike in the past, the even distribution of infrastructure to areas that are not privileged to hold or have their son as governor, must have necessitated the collaboration of many political actors who having x-rayed development have concluded that peace and togetherness remains a panacea to development. Furthermore, the equal distribution of appointment to a young segment of the State population, who today are the State’s leaders, has remained the tonic, causing many to return and defect to the APC.

While Governor Yahaya Bello’s courage and political sagacity in navigating the State’s tough political landscape, a State considered as a miniature Nigeria deserves commendation, Governor Bello has no doubt proven to be a leader with a large heart, who listens, and is ready to make amends, make him the leader for the season.

Similarly, the boldness of leaders like chief James Faleke alongside other leaders and individuals who have returned and defected to APC, to sacrifice their interests for the greater interest, is one achievements that will go into the annals of history as patriots and selfless in building a strong Kogi project.

For citizens and observers of Kogi State politics, nothing is too much to be sacrificed for peace, growth and development as we inch towards November 16th, 2019 and beyond. like it is always said, you don’t change a winning team. The need for communities that have hitherto not enjoyed amenities like roads, electricity, Pipe borne water amongst several others that Governor Bello’s first term administration represents can therefore not be mortgaged.

Little wonder, the efforts of the governor and those who are returning home to ensure that the State remains in the mainstream politics calls for commendation.

Kogi cannot afford to be in the minority, not with what the State has benefitted from the APC led administration in the centre and the many more that is still in the offing.

For now, the coming on board of Chief James Abiodun Faleke is another icing on the cake as it safe to conclude that APC and Kogi project of providing welfare for the mass majority is on course and will be delivered safely on November 16th, 2019.     

– Michael Odekina Michael.
CEDO Media Network

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