Kogi Guber: Before You Crucify Prof Seidu Onalo Mohammed

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Many pundits and self acclaimed social media commentators are sitting at the comfort of their homes to pen stab a renowned intellectual; a celebrated philanthropist, a man who came, saw and conquered simply because talk is cheap. The only crime he committed according to their rantings is because pictures of him emerged featuring a campaign posture with the incumbent governor of Kogi State alongside his running mate for the November 16 gubernatorial election.

Let’s get it straight amidst the needless hullabaloo about Prof Seidu Onalo Mohammed (PSO).

For the records:

1. Immediately PSO lost out of the APC primary election, he affirmed he’s not leaving the party and will work for the party’s interest.

2. He served as the Director General of the largest Space Technology Center in Africa for two terms and one of his tenure was under the leadership of President Muhammdu Buhari.

3. PSO did not jump any ship or pitched tent with the opposition. He is still in the APC and the trending picture is not miscalculated or graded as anti party.

After the PDP Primaries, Engr Musa Wada went on a reconciliation voyage and the impact of this timely approach led to Senator Dino Melaye and his aggrieved followers to trash the anticipated legal counter against the emergence of the younger Wada. The only camp who refused to sheath the sword was championed by a former governor of the State who was visibly angry because his biological son could not clinch the ticket of the PDP.

In my little understanding, the trending picture of PSO that emerged today (Sunday) is as a result of the APC reconciliation agenda of which I can reliably attest that the overarching interest of President Muhammadu Buhari triumphed at the long run. Now, before the social media critics crucify PSO, it is pertinent they understand the lucid fact that politics is all about interest; politics is also local.

In developed climes, party supremacy and ideology is paramount but in Nigeria, it is a common practice for politicians to decamp whenever the game does not favour them. Now that PSO refused to play their style of politics or dance to their tune, he is facing crucifixion and empty banters from those who barely understand the intricacies of politics.

In all, PSO is not a political slave hence he must not dance according to the tune of his critics. Hence, talk is cheap.

Before you crucify me for my humble submission, make sure you come out with your best arsenals because I will continue to reiterate clearly that PSO does not owe anyone explanations aside his teaming supporters.

God bless Kogi State!

– Ajogwu Jerry Ochada

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