Kogi Gov’ship: SDP Denies Purported Endorsement of Melaye, Says it is False, Ridiculous

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The leaders of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Kogi State has denied its purported support endorsement of Sen. Dino Melaye describing it as false, and widest imagination of the PDP Candidate. 

The party Executive refuted the allegation in a statement singed by the State Secretary of SDP, Dr. Arome Okeme, and made available to journalists on Saturday in Lokoja.

Melaye had on social media, claimed that the Executive of SDP across Kogi State, declared support for him in its bid to become the next governor of Kogi State.

In a statement titled “Dino Melaye and his Penchant for incurable lies: Putting the records straight”, the SDP Scribe said it was ridiculous for Dino Melaye and his media team to make such false claim.

“In a fit of desperation and yet another episode of his nollywood drama series, the “actor” candidate of the frail and comatose People’s Democratic Party in Kogi state, Dino Melaye, in company of his party bandwagons decided to act a poorly written script that was directed and produced by themselves where they fantasized, in their wildest imaginations, that the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Kogi state chapter, had endorsed his candidacy. 

“The sheer foolery and futility of the whole ridiculous affair reeked of obsolete political tact, evidence of paucity of ideas and a recalcitrant innate nature to cheat and lie, something inherently invested in him and his party. 

“One would expect that with the crop of supposedly intelligent set of people who thronged his sitting room, all of whom were from the PDP (mostly disgraced and expelled former SDP members).

“Someone amongst them would have stood up and snapped them out of their reverie but unfortunately, all of them were ensconced in their self-deceit. 

“Yes, self-deceit, because unknown to them, Kogites had seen them for whom they were- the opportunists! 

“Dino Melaye was only experiencing the early stages of defeat espoused in fear and anxiety. 

“Fear of the fate that awaited him and his co-travelers on November 11; anxiety because hundreds to thousands of PDP faithfuls were decamping in their numbers to the SDP from West, Central and East every week,”‘Okeme said 

The SDP secretary stressed that the hitherto supporters of Melaye had seen through his veneer of duplicity laced with garrulousity and puerile flamboyance masking his penchant for only self-preservation and incurable lies. 

According to him, they had, through the divine spirit of clairvoyance, clearly seen how the PDP and their gubernatorial candidate would be roundly defeated in November by the candidate of the SDP and taken the right decision to jump the sinking ship of the PDP to join the party of the future, SDP, the new bride of Kogites. 

“Feelers across Kogi State had shown that the SDP candidate had already been widely accepted and anointed by the good people of Kogi state to lead and serve them. 

“They had maintained that the SDP was the only stable and viable opposition in the state and to make matters even more welcoming to them, had provided them with a detribalized, experienced, democratic, trailblazer and humble candidate to follow. 

“Across board, notable political figures were already calling to congratulate our candidate and the party. 

“We would advise the likes of Dino to join these well meaning individuals to do the same,” Okene said.

He reaffirmed that the SDP under the leadership of Hon. Moses Peter, alongside his executives, was focused on the assignment handed him by kogites to ensure Lugard house was taken over come November 2023 and would not be distracted by elements such as Dino Melaye. 

He added: “We wish, as a party, to urge our supporters and the whole of the peace-loving people of Kogi state to be patient as everything is going on as planned and that they shall have the last laugh at the end of the day. 

“We also advise them to ignore any malicious information about the party executives endorsing any candidate from any political party, especially the moribund PDP”. 

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