Kogi Gov’ship: ‘Ododo Scammed by Impostors’ – ADC Chairman, Adaji John

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Kogi State Chairman of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Comrade John Adaji, has berated the ruling All Progressives Congress for falling easily for fraudsters.

Addressing supporters of ADC during a campaign at Ijumu local government, Adaji stated that the party remains united behind its governorship candidate, Hon. Leke Abejide.

He said the paid crowd of defectors who purportedly endorsed the governorship candidate of APC, Alhaji Usman Ododo, were impostors.

“The alleged candidate is not known to our party in African Democratic Congress, as Hon. Leke Abejide remains the only candidate of our great party in the Kogi State governorship election.

“As a matter of fact, Kingsley Ogga and Mr Williams and other rented crowed purported to have defected to APC from ADC are not our party members.

“Mr. Kingsley Temitope Ogga, Mr. Williams, and the rented crowd who were given tokens to pose as our party members are not recognized by law as our party members as their names are not in our party register,” he said.

The Party Chairman described the defection and endorsement ascribed to ADC to an unknown candidate as deceitful, fake and misleading calling on the general public not to take it seriously.

Comrade John Adaji, however, decried the actions of some persons whom he described as bent on causing confusion and shattering the dream victory of the African Democratic Congres, Kogi State chapter, in the forthcoming governorship election as enemies of the people.

According to him, “We wish to make it public about the unworthy activities by some individuals to cause confusion in our party and to derail our chances at the forthcoming polls. This we condemn and reject because it is tantamount to draining all our efforts for the success of ADC in Kogi State.

“We make bold to admit that we will not condone this unwholesome meddlesomeness by unknown individuals who are using the name of our great party to perpetrate some endorsement. Our patience, support and goodwill, as a party, will not be identified with the enemies of the masses and an unknown candidate. ADC does not know Mr Ododo and what he stands for.

“Additionally, we are aware of some deceptive, pretentious, fake and misleading actions of some forces who are not genuine party members and who are bent on shattering the dream of victory for the African Democratic Congress ADC, Kogi State at the polls. For example, we are privy to a plot by some individuals who falsely claim to be ADC members endorsing an unknown candidate in our party and also using the name of the party to trade illegal transactions with the government of Yahaya Bello, a government that is losing grip in the state.

“The said pretenders, Mr Kingsley and Mr Williams are spiritedly trying to woo and mislead the general public. Nevertheless, their dream is a dead dream. We recognize and concede that it is the fundamental right of anybody to choose and belong to a political party of his or her choice. However, we are quick to reckon that the impostors and other rented individuals in attendance at the fake endorsement in Kogi State government house are not our party members in African Democratic Congress. So, they cannot leave the house (ADC ) which they did not inhabit to endorse another unknown candidate to our great party.

“As ADC Kogi state, we do not know who Ododo is and what he stands for, Therefore, we call on the general public and particularly ADC genuine members and supporters in Kogi state to discountenance this move as a sham; a voyage of no value and no substance and does not impede the favourability and acceptance of our party.”

The state Chairman of ADC, however, called on the party members to work together harmoniously to achieve its goals of removing the anti-people government operating in Kogi state for the good of Kogites as a whole urging the people to vote for ADC candidate, Hon. Leke Abejide, on November 11, 2023.

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