Kogi Gov’ship: Bunu Leaders Plan Massive Votes for AA Candidate, Braimoh

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Leaders of Bunu District in the Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State yesterday gathered at two different venues to take a stand on the November 11 governorship polls and their unanimous resolve is to solidly mobilize massive support for the homeboy in the race, Mr. Olayinka Braimoh, the gubernatorial candidate of the Action Alliance (AA).

The first meeting held inside the Akutupa Town Hall was attended by leaders of the 11 communities in the Kiri Kingdom and was held under the chairmanship of Asiwaju of Akutupa, Prof. Olu Obafemi, and the traditional ruler of the kingdom, Oba Ezekiel Olorunfemi.

All the speakers and the traditional ruler pointed to his competence, brilliance, quality of ideas, genuineness of thought, contributions to community development, and family background as some of the attributes that stand Braimoh out among the 18 contestants in the election.

“We are not being nepotistic. This candidate that has come out from here is the best of all of them. His ideas are genuine and well thought out. He is a fresh face with insights and solutions to the problems confronting the state. He is also articulate and very convincing. He is honest and we can see from his background and antecedent, he has the capacity and competence to deliver on his promises,” Prof. Obafemi who was represented by Mr. Femi Mokikan, said as the cheering capacity-filled hall hailed in acceptance.

All the other speakers also agreed with Obafemi and the meeting eventually resolved that everybody in attendance should take the message to the nooks and crannies of the Kabba/Bunu local government areas so that the AA candidate will secure maximum votes in the local government Area.
A few hours after the conclusion of the parley in Akutupa, leaders of the 41 communities in Bunu District also gathered in Iluke Town Hall, Iluke to take a stand on the coming elections. The outcome of their deliberations was similar to that of the earlier one in Akutupa.

Held under the chairmanship of Dr. Ade Abanida, secretary of the Bunu Elders Forum, those at the meeting resolved to spearhead a house-to-house campaign across the local government area to ensure Braimoh’s victory at the polls.

They noted that the same federal constituency that produced the Senator cannot produce the governor in the same dispensation while the member representing the Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu constituency in the House of Representatives is from Ijumu while Kabba/Bunu LGA do not have any form of representation. They then argued that the people should allow the Bunu District to produce the next Governor.

“Apart from all these geo-political and partisan arguments which favour him, Braimoh’s strongest point is his brain, his brilliance, his bright and good ideas about how to create wealth using the abundant resources in our state and distributing wealth as well as retaining the wealth in the state for the benefit of the people, no matter their status”, said one of the participants.

The meeting in Iluke concluded with the need for every adult in the district to forget about party loyalty and stick to loyalty to the community and devotion to the development of the state.

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