Kabba-Bunu: Is Hon. Folorunsho Oladare a Double Agent?

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The concerned APC members in Kabba/Bunu local government of Kogi state have asked Hon Folorunsho Oladare over his membership with the party and romance with the opposition party (PDP) in the state.
It was recalled in June 2018 when Hon Folorunsho Oladare led over 50 members of apc to PDP,  burning their brooms and chanting “APC is a scam party,  Yahaya Bello can not win again in Kogi, we are back home to save our people from hunger”
Folorunsho’s new love for the New Direction government and attack on Governor Yahaya Bello’s loyalists are plans to bring chaos into the party as an agent of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He Cannot Serve God (APC) And Mammon (PDP), his present pretense loyalty to the party and New Direction government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello is in doubt.
Hon Folorunsho Oladare must declare now where he belongs, whether he is for APC or other political interests. He cannot play hide-and-seek. He cannot hide behind his fingers.
It is clear that he has not learnt any lessons from his initial betrayal of APC in 2015, when he traded off the party to support the PDP Candidates during the general elections.
APC is a democratic institution and Folorunsho is free to make choices in accordance with the laws of the country, but he cannot continue to take members of APC for a ride. Politics is based on trust. He has betrayed the trust reposed on him by the party. If he wants to to rejoin APC, let him join peacefully. His current attitude can only be the action of a traitor or a double agent.
– Olawale Bamidele writes from Bolorunduro/OdoAkete ward,  Kabba, Kogi state

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