Kogi Gov’ship: Before We Support, Our Conditions

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Here are the conditions upon which the masses of Kogi state shall be supporting  any candidate for the forthcoming November 16th governorship race.

Character: The prevailing mess in the form misgovernance, maladministration, directionlesness and purposelessness requires a strong character with enormous experience, pragmatic vision, prospect, integrity and above all, fear of God. These are required for a surgical political operations that will re-order the present ignoble state of affairs in our dear Kogi state.

By these requirement, the aspirants, irrespective of party, should know where they fit in and as well step aside for men with the mentioned traits.

Social Contract: It is a constitutional requirement that those seeking to lead should act in line with what the masses desires and not them offering to do what they deem fit and personally necessary. On this note, we say no to those promising to build bridges where there are no waters, our priorities should be well tailored and addressed accordingly. Communities have various challenges peculiar in their various ways, such challenges should be tackled, you don’t sink boreholes in a community that is in need of a health clinic.

State of Affairs.

Health: There are efforts by successive governments in improving the healthy  lives of Kogites. We seek to demand that the completion of KSU Teaching Hospital be made a first line priority while the Diagnostic Centre by Specialist Hospital be commissioned for public use. 

In addition, we the masses equally demand that a detailed plan for the establishment of  comprehensive primary health care centres in each of the 25 state constituencies across the state be made a first line charge as well. MOU’s that will guarantee accessible and beneficial partnership with donor agencies, WHO and others be pursued to fruition within the interval of two years. Collaborations with health experts across the length and stretch of the world should be consciously done in form of a turnkey, a situation that will give room to intending medical practitioners the opportunities to refresh and garner more expertise in their chosen field and in the interest of Kogites. 

Furthermore, we demand a medical survey to ascertain the existence of any scourge and if none, statistics of prevalent ailments in Kogi be gathered so as to allow for purposeful search for preventions and cures accordingly.

There should be periodic “Health Awareness Week” where our rural communities shall be sensitised on health related issues, the various health institutions in the state, Obangede, Idah and others should give us the basic manpower required.

Security: The spate of insecurity is quite alarming. A lot of ills ravages our dear state, kidnapping, cultism and many more abnormalities permeates our state owing to lack of sincere political will to deal with the issue of insecurity once and for all. We demand that decisive and lasting actions be pursued in order to end or reduce the menace to the barest minimum. We proposed that a collabo  be formally formed between the government owned law enforcement agencies and the various communities groups, such synergies should be well formalized to allow for effective protection of lives and properties of Kogites wherever they may be.

Local Government: As the supposed government closer to the  rural people, we, the masses of Kogi state, demand that the autonomy granted by the FG be implemented to the letter, while the state support to the LG as well  be  made a regular priority on the part of the state govt. Non interference in the affairs of the LG other than a sincere supervision and monitoring are all that we required of any would be governor.

This is our words and our bound.

Water: It has been proved beyond reasonable doubts that boreholes can longer stand the test of time given the lack of means of maintenance as well the rising population, we therefore demand that in place of boreholes, water works remains the best options. There are proximal flowing rivers all around our communities, such rivers like what River Niger is to Lokoja and environs, can as well be made available at a subsidized cost. Water for all is possible.

Creation of Enabling Environment: The very next government expected in Kogi by the Masses after Nov 16th is not the one that will just come, pay salaries, then dig boreholes here and there. NO! All we demand is someone who goes beyond the “as usuals” and explore or tap into the abundant available opportunities in our dear state for the benefit of all productive citizens of Kogi. Aside civil servants, those not privilege to get the civil service job should be able to strive and eke a living given the enabling environment created.

These are the very demands of the masses of Kogi state from those aspiring to to be governor after November 16th 2019.

Worthy of of note that these demands as presented is open ended, this is to give room for further addition as time goes by.

– Mallam Ahmed Suleiman MAS
For Kogi Masses.

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