Kogi Gov’ship: Austin Okai Knocks Bello Over Plans to Reserve Hotels for Unidentified Individuals

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Urge owners to reject Bello’s offer

By Ojimaojo Abubakar.

Comrade Usman Okai Austin, a former House of Representatives candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency, has challenged the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, over his intention to reserve entire hotels in the State in preparation for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

His concern centers around the Governor’s alleged attempt to book all available hotel rooms in the State for an extended period, affecting the citizens’ access to accommodations during the election in the state.

Okai, in a press statement released on Thursday, said the move has further intensified the already heated political environment.

According to him, his statement serves as a stern warning to hotel owners across Kogi state, urging them to reject Governor Yahaya Bello’s purported plans to secure all hotel rooms in the state.

He noted that Kogi State government’s initiative to potentially occupy all hotel rooms from Saturday, November 4, through Sunday, November 12, has raised significant alarm within the state.

“The decision has stirred concerns over the fairness and transparency of the electoral process, leading many to question the government’s intentions.

“The citizens of Kogi State stand united in their resolve to blacklist any hotel owners who agree to this request, which is seen as an affront to democracy and an attempt to manipulate the electoral process.

“Many individuals are set to visit the state, and the government cannot reserve entire hotels for unidentified guests.

“The Kogi government has initiated moves to secure all hotel rooms in the state from Saturday, November 4, to Sunday, November 12.

“The citizens will boycott any hotel owners who accept this unreasonable and unacceptable request,” he said.

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