Kogi Gov’ship and the Dying Pharoah

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Whoever believes in the gimmicks of Yahaya Bello on the establishment of a University in Yoruba land deserves serious prayers.

Presently there are two Universities owned by the state. And a Federal University in Lokoja (Kogi West).

A state is not developed by the number of Universities but the quality of the University even if it’s just one. Kogi State University, now Prince Abubakar Audu University, is not the kind of Universities one can be so proud of as at today.

A University that has a well built medical school but her students need to go to sister Universities before they can graduate? That’s what it is today. Bello has abandoned the University and most of the senior hands have left the school.

We have Confluence University of Science and Technology Osara which is now waiting for tetfund intervention for any facility at all. As it is today, there is no developmental plan for both Universities anywhere around the budget plan of the state.

This government and its antics should be thrown into the dustbin.

You can not fool everyone. The University in Anyigba and Osara is more than enough for all the citizens of the state and beyond. Let alone the federal University which is doing well as a Federal Institution.

Four years ago, Gov Yahaya Bello went to Idah to perform a charade called “Ground Breaking Ceremony of Idah Aganabode Road” as much as those who does not know him were clapping, I wrote that it was just a political gimmicks and it will never see the light of the day.

For those who thought I was just against the government, today is the answer.

Since Bello and his co travellers left Idah, he has not even return to that town on a visit, let alone remembering the road he came to act with.

We have known Bello and his misplaced priorities, a very selfish individual who think of nobody but himself. The Yorubas who are singing praises of this delusional paranoia should check history and antecedence of the character involved.

Governor Bello should rather settle the unpaid salaries of workers and settle pensioners who have suffered the very ills of his administration’s lack of commitment to human values.

When you want to set up a University it’s not done by fiat. There must be a fiscal commitment to such cause. As long as Bello can not provide such leadership he must not be trusted. The gimmicks is geared towards deceiving people to accepting an unpopular stuge he has brought to cover the devastating effect of a highly corrupt, insensitive, high handedness and people disoriented government which he has lead for the last eight years.

If the Yorubas allow themselves to be used by this gimmicks then the intellectual ratings which they have enjoyed in the past will come under a serious scrutiny.

By now the Idah-Aganabode deceptive project should have been commissioned to shame people like us who wrote against it in the past.

The wave in Kogi state today is for change, there is no amount of lies that will stop that. It is our prayers that Governor Bello should continue to live in his fools paradise and keep promising instead of commissioning. A governor who has served for eight years can not be telling you of his readiness to establish a University when he has less that 7 months to leave office.

No one should take him seriously. The eminent defeat of this Government is around the corner, we are happy and waiting for the time.

– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Convener Murilight

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