Kogi Gov Warns Against Violence in Nigeria

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As the country continues to battle with security and other challenges in many states, the  Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has reiterated the need for Nigeria to remain united in order to move forward and compete favorably with other nations around the world.

He pleaded with the people to stop statements and utterances that could fan enmity among the various ethnic and religious groups in the country.

Speaking through his director general on media and publicity, Kingsley Fanwo, Thursday, the governor said those fanning the embers of disunity are doing so for “selfish and egocentric reasons”.

He said the nation could benefit immensely from her diverse geography and culture, urging Nigerians to avoid statements that are capable of “tearing the nation apart”.

He said: “We are all brothers and sisters brought together by God to make Nigeria great. Nigeria can only benefit from unity in diversity.

“Kogi State is a microcosm of a larger Nigeria. Before my administration took over the governance of the state, our people didn’t see the strength in unity. I shall continue to ensure unity in my state and preach national unity.

“Anyone who kills should be made to face the law. We must avoid turning criminalities to tribalism. We all have blood in us and must condemn any violence by man against man. But we must also rise against divisive statements.

“Nigeria belongs to all. I, therefore, appeal to my brothers across the country to avoid hate and divisive speeches. I have confidence in Mr President to continue to lead our nation aright”.

Governor Bello tasked religious and ethnic leaders to always remember how they benefited from a united Nigeria; urging them to focus on uniting the nation.

He also urged the press to use its reach to promote tolerance, security, and unity.

Credit: Tribune

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