Kogi, Federal Government Hold Talks on Developing Tourism Potential

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Kogi state is popularly known and referred to as Nigerian Tourist haven owing to the museum of colonial history, the confluence state is so endowed with rich array of tourist attractions that envelope its entire landscape, blessed with the highest historical relics and monuments than any other state in Nigeria as identified and enumerated in a speech delivered at a meeting with the Honourable minister of tourism recently in Abuja.

The Minister, Dr Mrs Lola Ade -John, in her speech at the meeting reiterated the presidential resolution to promote tourism in Nigeria as a source of revenue generation to boost the national economy just like other of great countries likened to Dubai in the United Arab Emirate.

The place of Kogi State tourism potential was highly recommended and brought to the fore by state Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Hon. Acharu Okpanachi who likewise hit the ground running at the assumption of duty.

In her speech at the first interstates meeting with the Minister of Tourism in Abuja, the Commissioner firmly assured the readiness of Kogi state Governor, Alh. Usman Ododo, to uplift tourism to the highest level of revenue generation source for the state and by extension to the national coffers.

Okpanachi disclosed that tourism in Kogi State is feasible creative venture with great capacity to rapidly grow the revenue generating potentials of the State.

He noted that Kogi state tourism capacity is untapped as the location is an advantage being the gateway state to both the East, North, South and Western Nigeria.

In same vein, the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dr Zainab Obadaki in her speech at the meeting, confirmed that the ministry of culture and tourism seats on a gold mine which must be jointly harnessed by the local, state and federal government in order to give tourism its pride of place in the national revenue generating stride.

She emphasized that tourism should be allowed to thrive in Nigeria by developing the tourist sites to attract both local and international tourist and investors into the country.

Earlier, the Minister for Tourism had emphasized the need for Tourism Alliance, collaboration and commitment of all the stakeholders in the sector, urging Kogi State contingent to employ every avenue to tell the stories of Kogi state tourism and, showcase the potentials to the whole world of the abundance of the state tourism sites.

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