Kogi Executive Lawlessness: Purchase of Luxurious Automobiles at Outrageous Sums Is Unacceptable – Austin Usman Okai

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…Mercedes G-Wagon worth N40m, BMW and others from state purse is ludicrous

Our Lawless Executive are the most dangerous criminals.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is trite to state that democracy is expected to obey the law, but in Kogi state, our dear Governor is functioning as the Executive Governor, Speaker of the House and Judicial head. Our rubber-stamp House of Assembly has made it possible for Bello to do so.

Our Executive Governor has trampled upon humans, knocked out development. I remember what the legendary Afro-beat King, Fela Anikulapo Kuti called “Demonstration of Craze”. This is Lawlessness, and Lawlessness is impunity….and it has only led us to legal disparity, uneven actuality and  disunity. Executive Lawlessness is a weed in the field of our dear state, Kogi. To say it is a bane is to simply call it its right name!

BMW and G-Wagon Mercedes Benz as official vehicles for the Chief of Staff to the governor.

According to the Audu-Faleke group, the cars in the Chief of Staff’s fleet are serviced and maintained by Coscharis Motors, Abuja.

At this time of economic down-turn with Civil Servants dying in scores as a result of non payment of salaries running to seven months, Bello and his men are exhibiting executive recklessness and height of insensitivity to the citizens.

In the midst of artificial famine and starvation caused in Kogi State by Yahaya Bello, the state Government purchased Mercedes-Benz worth N40,000,000 and BMW worth N20,000,000 plus other luxurious cars to move in Bello’s Chief of staff’s convoy.

The lawlessness of the executives has translated into helplessness, hopelessness and misery for Kogi state.

According to the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies 2014; “Executive Lawlessness is defined as Executive action or inaction that exhibits arrant disregard for the rule of law, or involves the Executive flouting of enacted legislation and judicial pronouncement”

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV is built on an antiquated platform; not even the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, one of the richest States is using it but Kogi state Chief of staff is firmly in possession of these Cars for his
comfortable cruising, extra sensory perceptions.

Chief of staff  to the Governor is an appointee of the Governor, not an elected official. He is not even a cabinet member, not an elected member of the State Assembly which ordinarily are even supposed to be more honoured are using a car of  N3,000,000 only as against N20, 000,000 to N40,000,000 Bello’s Chief of Staff is using.

Considering the exorbitant price tag on these Cars, it commands that, many Nigerians can only dream and hope to have a drive as classy as the 2015 Mercedes Benz G-class and the latest BMW in the whole World. Can Kogi actually afford those at this critical time? In reality, No. What a misplacement of priority! No wonder, many Kogites describe Bello’s reign  as Herod’s reign in the Bible.

Any decision taken that hurts the very people who voted you into power shows height of wickedness  and anti-human policy in large dose.

A Governor is ideally expected to try and cushion the suffering of his people instead of adding to their plight in a show of gross insensitivity.

The state is in a quagmire right now and cannot afford such exorbitant cars for the Governor at this time not to talk of a common Chief of staff who had credibility issue prior to his sack as a practicing Banker then. Perhaps, reason why my Hausa friend call those leading Kogi now as Barawo!

It is pertinent to stress that the Chief of staff to Bello has being key dramatic personae in the affairs of Kogi State that has resulted in the financial distress the state is in today. He has played key role as either actor or conspirator and is much knowledgeable than any of the Bello cabinet members as to how the state got to this sore point.

Calling it recklessness is not enough but complete act of wickedness , direct involvement in milking the already bleeding state to death.

Even though Bello wasn’t elected but inherited votes to become an Executive Governor he should know that the office of the Governor is a public office not a private office .

– Usman Okai Austin
Abuja,Nigeria .

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