Kogi East Youth Political Summit, A Welcome Development – Prince Omale

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It is no longer news that politics in Kogi state has turned into politics of hatred, has turned into politics of bitterness and needed healing. Our youths were turned into thugs by desperate politicians who were out to take advantage of lack of employment among our youths and many politicians are still out for that and therefore we need healing on the land. What about non payment of salaries?  What about absence of government in agricultural development?

Kogi east stand as the highest producer of cashew in Nigeria yet no cashew processing industries on the land,  Kogi east is one of the highest producers of palm oil/red oil in Nigeria yet no palm oil processing industry,  Kogi east is one of the highest producer of rice in Nigeria yet no standard rice processing industry in Kogi east but allowed to east rice full of stones (oh God rice),  God has blessed us so much with fertile land to cultivate yet state government never though of introducing new crops nor new method of cultivation into our agricultural system.  Anambra is loading yam from Idah same way with many other states across Nigeria every day but today Anambra is an exporter of yam but we the producer is allowed to remain primitive in our marketing system.

What is wrong?

All these if properly managed, poverty and unemployment will have no relationship with the people of Kogi state.

I went into a shop and I saw beautifully packaged red oil and immediately tears run down my eyes.  I told myself,  what is wrong with kogi state government?  What is wrong with individual and collective entrepreneurs in kogi state?  What is wrong if we do something like this or even more?  Can’t we build our economy from red oil?

Whenever I thought of Ghana building their country economy from cocoa I said to myself,  can’t we build our from Cashew?  Yet our claiming to be performing present and past governors never look the right direction but whenever they manage to give us school we will shout in praises, whenever they manage to give us road we will sing their praises,  whenever they manage to pay salary we will sing their praises.  All these are basic amenities but good and visionary leaders goes beyond providing basic amenities. Even the common basic amenities are still nightmare.  Common provision of drinking water is a problem and over 95% of the people of kogi state are drinking from the same water they took their bath thereby exposing our people to infection.

God help my state

It irritates when the state government complain of no money when God has blessed us so much?  Or we shall wait and allow God to come and turn our resources to Money for us?

With my little stay at Ihima I saw how talented the women in this area with textile work yet state government never thought of improving on their textile skill.  What is wrong with us all and the government?

Can we talk about the river all about us?  For tourism?  For transport?  For agriculture?  I bet you,  kogi state will be an exporter of fishes of all species both within Nigeria and beyond.  Yet government never look into that direction

Lots to talk about. Though government can not do everything but government should make environment conducive for investors,  government should organize economic summit from time to time that will inform the world where and where that need investment because if you don’t tell an outsiders what you have in your house that can attract him he will have no idea about it

We need healing on the land.  Let’s pray and work on ourselves to change, change of orientation, change of imposition, change of money polities,  change of attitude to remain in the foreign land and keep talking and talking but not ready to return home to effect development,  to give good and acceptable governance,  come home and let’s build our state and land together

Remain blessed.

– Prince Monday Ojodale Omale

Chairman BOT ÎGÀLÀ Nation Builders Association

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