Kogi East Senate Race: The Man Jibrin Isah Echocho

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“Power belong to God Almighty,  He giveth to whom ever He wishes” – AJIE
Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho (AJIE) attended the LGEA Primary School, Ajiolo-Ojaji, 1967-1972. He proceeded to Our Lady of School, Anyigba (1973-1977) for his secondary education and subsequently to the Bayero University Kano (BUK), to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from 1979 -1983. He has added the following certificate to his education profile: a Masters Degree in Economics, with specialization in Capital Market from the University of Lagos (1991-1992); M.Phil. in Petroleum and Energy: obtained from the University of lbadan, 1998 – 2002; and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2003. In addition, a Ph.D in Economics at Rushmore University, in the United States of America.
Humility personified, Jibrin lsah’s personal carriage and disposition conceal his level of intelligence and academic prowess consistent in his educational career. For instance, Jibrin Isah came top of his class at the Bayero University (BUK), Kano where he graduated with First Class Honours in Economics in 1983. This remarkable feat at the time when Nigerian universities and their degrees had integrity merely show that his obtaining a Division One on the West African School Certificate Examination, earlier in 1977 from Our Lady of School was not a fluke.
The chains of prices and laurels won by Jibrin Isah therefore do not come as a surprise against this backdrop. These prices and laurels which are monuments in his records have been won for distinguishing himself in both academic works and his working career in the banking sector. To mention just a few, these include: Federal Government Award for the Best First Year Student in Economics at BUK (1981); BUK Prize for the Best Final Year Student in Economics (1983); Continental Merchant Bank Nigeria, Plc Prize for the Best Staff of the Corporate Affairs Division (1989) and Afribank International Limited (Merchant Bankers) Prize for an Outstanding Performance, while heading the Capital Market Group (1994).
He was the Executive Director in charge of Treasury and Financial Institutions, Public Sector/Transaction Services, and Corporate Support, Afribank; He is an Economist and a Chartered Stockbroker, with over 20 years of fulfilling banking career. He started his banking career at the then Chase Merchant Bank Plc, in 1988 as an Analyst, where he handled various transactions including equipment leasing, project finance, trade finance and capital market activities; He later joined the then Afribank International Limited (Merchant Bankers) in 1991 as the Pioneer Head of Project Finance/Leasing Department. In 1993 he was appointed Pioneer Head of Capital Market group. While there he participated actively in the Privatization exercise of the Federal Government, carried out restructuring of various corporate bodies, and IPOs for some prime names. In 1998, he was seconded to AIL Securities Limited as the pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive, within two years of existence, AIL Securities Limited attained a leadership role in the Nigerian Stock Market and has remained a household name in the Nigerian Capital Market. He will fondly be remembered for his tremendous contribution in the consolidation exercise of his bank. He has been a trustee to several organisations.
Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to redeem Igalaland from the slave market of marginalization, oppression and idleness. He is a man with a lion heart who despite oppositions and pressure has continued to contribute to his community.
He loves traveling, Reading and Philanthropy,  he is married with children. Though as human being that he is, he can never be loved and accepted by all, some people might hate him for his mistakes, even for the good things he must have done, others might hate him because of his political ideology but one thing is certain, vast majority of his people like him, supported hi, adore him and even sympathized with him during the time of his humiliation and frustration orchestrated by people that decided who get what, when and how but most importantly he was not destined by God Almighty to be governor of Kogi State then.
His supporters and well wishers agreed and advised him to go for Senate come 2019 to represent Kogi East Senatorial District of the State to continue his struggle for the emancipation of Igala race going by his antecedent while in the banking sector hence his senate ambition is like the dream that the time has come.
Let us avoid all forms of political violence, intimidation and oppression, we should as well try to avoid any comments or post that might trigger violence as we are closer to the election year. We must realised that before election we have good relationship with friends and well wishers and that relationship must be maintained and watered during and after election.
We must put one thing into cognisance, it is only God that gives power to whomever he want, let us try to avoid desperation in our political activities for what is not meant for you at a particular point in time can never locate you but one can still try try again.
– Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko 
Anyigba – Kogi State

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