Kogi East Senate Race; Fate of The Three Main Candidates

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Holistic view on 2019 Kogi East senatorial election and the three parameters that would determine or influence the fate of the three main aspirants.

1. Political party popularity
2. Personality and popularity of the candidate 
3. Personal attributes of the candidate and his characteristics.

Two days to the presidential and National Assembly election, it’s now incumbent on me to analyse the votes of the contenders vying for the senatorial position of kogi east senatorial district based on my one on one findings gotten from the people of the region.

From the political perceptive of being a rivalrous candidate, such that only one person can represent a constituency at a time, has made the contest a complex one that requires proper publicity of the political candidate to be acceptable to the people.

This political contest is a binocular phenomenon in which perception the electorates decide the fate of the aspirants.

There are three foremost contenders whose personalities, popularity, generosities, past antecedents and political party would play a major role in their ability to win the prestigious position of honour.

The three contenders ar:
1. Sen. Attai Aidoko Alih (AAA) of PDP
2. Alhaji Isah Jibrin (Echocho) of APC
3. Dr. Victor Adoji (DVAA) of ADC

SEN. AIDOKO: Aidoko is the incumbent senator representing kogi east. Aidoko stand a better chance to win the senatorial election based on the popularity and the acceptability of his party, PDP by the people of kogi east.

The electorate of Igala extraction believe that PDP is the Igala party and as such they would stick to any candidate who stand for any elective position under the party.  Such strong collective perceptions may pave way for Aidoko’s victory.

The present performance of Aidoko is nothing to write home about. He has a diminishing popularity with high personality and poor generosity. He is never a good choice to the people of Kogi East, but his party popularity has given him edge over other aspirants.

His is 37% moving speedily to victory in few hours from now.

ALH. ISAH JIBRIN: He has the popularity, the integrity, the personality, generosity and good antecedent and he is generally acceptable by the people of Kogi East.

His only disadvantage was his decision to actualise his political ambition in a party that many Kogites perceive as a wicked party due to the way and manner Governor Yahaya Bello has managed the affairs of the state so far.

Echocho’s party, the APC has been rejected by the people of Kogi East and this sentiment will strongly mitigate against the success of Echocho.

He is 32% moving slowly to victory.

DR.  VICTOR ADOJI: He is the choice of the people. A well prepared candidate, full of determination and courage, and he also have the zeal to change the face of leadership in Kogi East.

He has popularity, personality, integrity and many people believed that he is partially generous and always eager to rule. He has marketed his candidacy properly and fully prepared for the senatorial election.
But the popularity of his party ADC is the major factor mitigating strongly against his success.

Sadly, some of his votes may likely go to PDP as the people of Kogi state strongly believed in only two parties, PDP and APC.

He has 31% chances of moving to victory.

Summary of the party acceptability and their chances to win

AIDOKO – 37% – Taking the acceptability lead due to political party advantage.

ECHOCHO- 32% – personality and generosity advantage with political party disadvantage.

DR. ADOJI – 31% – popularity, personality lead with weak party popularity.

This is a non-biased analysis of electorate votes for the three aspirants, the margins are so close.  Your little effort could wake up our dreams.

Come out en-masse and let’s change the face of Kogi East region.

– Itodo Dennis 
Political Analyst

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