Kogi East Senate Race: Aidoko Remains A Desperate Politician

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Although, Kogites have stepped up beyond political competency of the likes of Senator Attai Aidoko Alli Usman and would ordinarily make no meaning, wasting my precious ink on a man who had compromised Kogi Eastern Political integrity. But, it’s appalling that the do or die affairs in the system had negotiated our sense of reasoning. Otherwise, senator Aidoko and co should have buried their faces in shame, having deprived Kogites of right and adequate legislative representation.
I stumbled on a hoodwinked write up titled; “Re; metaphor of Igala race in search of a Senator, let’s set the record straight,” by one Mr Yusuf Abubakar, who tried to justify the lingering legal battle between Senator Attai Aidoko and Air Marshall Isaac Alfa.
Honestly, this is what characterizes the  system- People seeing wrong acts in affirmative. At times, I wonder what becomes of the future when youths like Yusuf Abubakar rants over what is obviously uncalled for. Could it be the freaking joblessness? Or the crumbs of compassion with which we are been reduced to a mere house dog?
To think that it is justice right to continue a legal battle which had cost our zone the accrued constituency allowances, legislative representation etc, questions our faculties of comprehension.
Leadership in essence remains an opportunity to serve and anything contrarily is selfish and self-centered.
The said pre-election suit filed by AM Alfa, has for the second time, declared Aidoko persona non grata in the upper legislative chamber. But as usual, self interest topped priorities, Aidoko stood  adamantly regardless of whose ox is gored. To show clarity on the absence of honor and integrity among Nigeria leaders, Aidoko failed to take into cognisance some persisting issues of insecurities and economic quagmire bedeviling his constituency. Thereby realising that, no amount of legal battle is worth the interest of the masses, so as to relinquish for Alfa having attracted so much for the people as maliciously aligned. On the contrary, Aidoko’s quests for MORE has accorded him extra judicial immunity as he neither loose nor conform to court judgement. Even the aftermath actions of the Senator is a clear dispensation of shenanigans to remain in office for the next few months.
Apparently, his counterpart from Kogi west (Dino Melaye) did awesomely well by sponsoring over 15 bills moving 20 motions and have attracted over 169 projects to his constituency. But the controversial Senator Attai Aidoko has just six bills to his credit.
More disgusting is the writer’s misconstrued opinion  on the dynamic reputation of Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji. He said and I quote; “The public are also not unaware ‎that the writer sponsors political ambition had hidden for years under deceitful unnoticeable empowerment, skill acquisition, and other life touching activities without consideration of any of his kinsmen or women and their offshoots engaged in the banking sector and industry were he had spent over two decades and made fortunes/ostentation.”
How irrational can people be. To ascertain that this young, dynamic and God-sent Igala son had nursed political ambition with his humanitarian efforts is low and primitive intuition. 
In terms of benevolent offerings, Dr. Victor has an unmatched shoes among Igala nation. His giant stride in the unity of Igala land remains outstanding. Dr. Adoji’s extension of largesse could as well be described as succor to the havocs been occasioned by the lax attitudes towards governance by Aidoko. His political ambition is simply a sacred calls to salvage the land from total ruination.
At this juncture, it’s imperative to say that Kogites are rather not unaware of the fact that;
– Senator Attai Aidoko is a desperate politician who is bent on retaining power at all cost.
– The voice of the past Senators from Kogi East which is always upheld nationally had gone low under his watch.
– Igalas as the majority in Kogi state stare helplessly as Ebira strive legislatively to revamp Ajaokuta steel complex.
– The man who spearheaded the so called project save Kogi is unable to save Ugbamaka Igah his ancestral home. As such, his people wallows endlessly in misery and poverty- No good road, electricity, no proper health care, no communication system. In fact, the only available water for the whole community is about four kilometers away from Ugbamaka.
– For several years in government, Aidoko had neither secure employment opportunity nor sponsor any Ugbamaka son or daughter in both academic and skill acquisition. For record purposes, Ugbamaka Igah’s son is currently in the employment of Zenith bank plc, with the unending support of Dr. Victor Adoji.
My judgement,
Facts, summarized above had justified senator Aidoko’s inability to pay his dues off the legislative assignment. Because it’s quite obvious that he is not familiar with the saying that charity begins at home.
Oh yes! What can a man who could not save his own community possibly offer to salvage a state with over three million people?
As for Mr Yusuf Abubakar, it is pathetic that inducement had outlawed our inclinations for the truth. That’s the reason behind unclarity of the masses’ perspectives.
However, we cannot continue to harbor party loyalists and political rivals at the helm of affairs. 
We need a candidate with untainted social history, sound economic knowledge with a real desire to serve. We need a grassroot oriented, politically independent, devoid of party politics and godfatherism syndrome to sail Igala land to her Canaan
This is where Dr. Victor fits in as an icon of unity and an epitome of progress. Let us all support him because his mission is clear, his reasons are cogent and the time is ripe 
God bless Kogi East.
– John Paul

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