Kogi East PDP Primaries: What Delegates Should Look Out For

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It is no longer rumour as 2nd October 2018 marks PDP senatorial primaries in Kogi State.
It is ideal to recollect and accept with strong faith that the outstanding credibility of Dr. Victor Adoji will grant him landslide victory in the general election.
A vote for ‘Victor’ is a vote for the freedom of the people of Kogi East senatorial district considering the avoidable torture, impunity and poor representation as recorded in the past.
Without fear or favour, I wish to inform the general public that I am not here to trade my candidate for competition, but I am here to trade him for the progress and betterment of the people of Kogi East senatorial district with strong faith and mindfulness that ‘Victor’ will make the best representation at the red chamber vis-à-vis liberating the good people of Kogi East senatorial district.
Without fallacy of hasty conclusion or generalization, I am not saying my candidate is above all, but I believe with all human imagination and consciousness that he will make us proud as a district than all.
Remember, without being a choir master, I am not here to sing appraisal or feed you with marathon of political fallacies, but to buttress and make everyone here see reasons with me that together we shall mark our names on the sound of time for the great history is about to begin. Let my name and your name be documented as the hero that drive good governance in kogi East by supporting and voting ‘DVAA’
Patriotic son and daughter ventures into politics because of freedom. Remember, I am always  here to promote and preach the goodness of Kogi East in due time.
Remember, this is not an advert, but an enlightenment session to preach the sermon of good governance awaiting us come 2019.
Hence, remember as rational beings that Musa Abass doesn’t use social media to advertise the beginning of new dawn in Kogi East.
If I may ask, haven’t you sit to think rationally?
What is DVAA pursuing?
Why is he coming into politics?
If we could recollect, God has blessed this man abundantly with wealth and the best life can offer anyone, my view. He has succeeded outstandingly in his banking career, yet he is  vying for elective position. The answer is; he is here to reshape the distorted structure of governance as trampled over and taint for the past 16-20 years. The love of the people of Kogi state has prompted Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji to come out this time around to render solutions to our political problems via his wealth of knowledge, spontaneous and extroverted exposure globally.
The season of our glory is here with us dear Kogi East PDP delegates, landslide victory is what we need now, winning the senate is important and sacrosanct as it will affect the various elections ahead.
The only candidate through whom we can gain the glory of our party is Dr Victor Adoji.
If I were to buttress his philanthropic gesture towards the creatures of God, I will not end writing numerous papers, ask me privately because the philanthropic gesture of DVAA is more than just enough to mention here. The bone of contention here is to solicit the delegates of our party ‘PDP’ to do us good and cast their trust in the people’s choice of candidate, Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji.
Dear delegates, I urge you to deviate, stay isolated and desist from greed and selfishness in the forthcoming primaries, stand fit for the interest of the people not a personal one.
DVAA has neither money to buy your vote nor your conscience but he has the quality, capacity, competence and conscience to earn your trust. You have what it takes, the vigour and sword to make him pilot the mandate of our people to bring to be our long awaiting dreams of the good people of Kogi East senatorial district so as  to enjoy basic amenities and other benefits from the federal government annual approved budget.
We need a senator who can influence the budget of the federal government to benefits us not a senator who will bring money to buy our mandate, dumped our integrity and trust in deadlocks and refused to look back at us or even sponsor any bill that will give us a taste of good governance. This is what we had faced in the past I urge every delegate whose good governance and perfect representation is sacrosanct to as a matter of fairness Vote for credibility, capacity, and competence to terminate and curtail this misfortunate disposition in the will of our political and economic progress.
The best of PDP in the entire Kogi is possible and It can only be done perfectly on the average with Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji by God’s grace.
√ Endorse
√Support and
Dr. Victor Adoji for Kogi East senatorial district mandate on 2nd Oct, 2018.
I beseech you to entrust your trust in him for the first time in history to pilot the mandate of our dear party PDP. This is because he remains at hand the best among his equals in the same race.
– Comrade Musa Abbas

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