Kogi East 2019: Why Aidoko, Echocho, Alfa Cannot Maker a Better Senator

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Few things have defamed Nigeria’s political system- Do or die affairs, loyalty syndrome, godfatherism, consensus candidature and favoritism. Frequently, the structure is been dragged to the mud by those whose ambition entails the above facts and attempts to get things straight is always truncated thereby.

For Kogi East Geo-political zone, the hypocrisy in the entire narrative is the holistic propaganda been calibrated into gargantuan transformation jingles which lack virtually a compatible lyric. Our socio-economic/political history have been enmeshed in awkwardness, precipitated by the thriving ego-centrism and social slavery.

As usual, election is quite approaching and the same political wrestlers have reinforced using the same but lunatic tactics to avail evil against the people but the good news is, political processes is been engaged massively and in conformity with the trending, the apposite demands to x-ray some perennial quests for power by politicians is sin-qua-non.
Senator Atai Aidoko Usman Ali.
In comparison between quests for power and malfeasance posing threats to our existence, senator Aidoko’s name is synonymous to deceit. This is practically depicted in the state-of-the art of our Legislative inputs.
Aidoko has neither sponsored nor move a credible bill or motions in the Senate, rather he chose to seek for an avenue to orchestrate personal dealings. For instance;
Aidoko solicited for government’s intervention in the killing of a female youth corps member by the police in Abuja while herdsmen were busy killing members of his constituency.
For Aidoko, political party is more of conspiracy to seize power rather than piloting common will and aspirations. This is seen seen from the scandalous inducement of PDP delegates from the nine local government in Kogi East ahead of his 2019 re-election.
The only politician in the democratic history who does not regard the strength of the electorates in his journey to the helm of affairs
Aidoko ungratefully declared to his constituents that he was not voted to help anybody.
Ugbamaka Igah his ancestral home can be seen as the worst victims of his incompetency as the community wallows endlessly in misery and chaos.
His campaign mantra is only known by the judiciary which finds it convincingly impressive to back him up in depriving the electorates of their fundamental rights and obligations in the conduct of election.
In his hunts for power, Aidoko hijacked some equipment/items purchased and supplied to his constituency by SDG to alleviate poverty for his campaign
Jibrin Isah Echocho
In a political affairs, one of the factors that keeps one’s career sound is strategies, it’s all about rationalisation of facts and steps.
For Echocho, it’s undeniable that the former banker started his political career on a very good note, this is seen by the number of masses he command. As a matter of fact, his political campaign organization was tagged the fastest sailing boat that everyone thought would hit the ground running.
But with unpredictable political nature, certain factors were considered with levity which actually saw through to his downfall. The saying exemplifies, winners never quit and quitters never wins, Echocho decamped from the then ruling People’s Democratic party just when perseverance would have secured him the Senatorial mandate.
Aside this, his failure could also be traceable to grievances which analyst believed was abrupt to such political ventures. He rag-tagged Kogites whom he believed unjustly extorted his resources and left him when he needed them, ignoring the fact that the notion of GIVE-AND-TAKE currently ravaging the system was borne out of the unpredictable nature of our leaders- they reclined to their Scabbard leaving behind those who endured the scotching sun to ensure they get voted. At a point Echocho was said to have quitted Kogi politics with the perceived ill-luck as announced by his business cum political associate (name withheld).
The power of incumbency was also underrated, in an aftermath resorts to succeed Ibrahim Idris, Echocho, though did his homework exclusively well but some strategic inputs were not done as at when due coupled with the fact that Mr Idris has consecrated his son in-law for the number job in the state.
However, his defection is believed to have accounted for APC’s smooth ride to victory in the 2015 gubernatorial election in the state. A move that many believes would accord him the deputy governorship slot, but by and large, Echocho was treated like a working tool which is only sought for, on a need-arise basis. Nobody heard about him after the mysterious 2015 election that led to the demise of our hero again until mechanisms were needed to be in place ahead of governor Yahaya Bello’s re-election in 2019.
Worsening the whole saga, Echocho is currently the electioneering tool wooing Kogi Easterners into voting a government whose surname is synonymous to disaster back to power. He is currently the governor’s most preferred candidate for the Senatorial position comes 2019.
His campaign is currently been funded from state allocation and loans by the state state government. GYB and his chief of staff have relinquished from the business of governance to campaign for Echocho in order to achieve their aim, and in the process, empty and God-knows when to be fulfilled promises are been made to the people.
Governor Yahaya Bello has also resorted into relieving active local government caretaker who may pose as impediment regardless of whose ox is gored.
At least, the spree of do or die in the affairs is obvious here, I mean Echocho who have just sold his last plaza in Abuja, and has been languishing blames on the harmless vulnerable Kogites for wasting his resources can never offer anything other than personal enrichment, connections and cosmic power.
Air Marsha Isaac Alfa (Rtd)
Unfortunately, the retired general could not amass the needed resources to reckon Aidoko’s demonic antics, even with the retinue of military experiences. From incompetent lawyer to supreme forces beyond his reach.
I remembered vividly, an instance where the presiding court judge told him categorically that though he has a good ground on the pre-election suits against Aidoko, his lawyer was handling his case poorly.
But the abrakadabra here was the last minute attempts to reconvene. AVM Alfa helplessly sought the assistance of the state governor  through the chief of staff (Edward Onoja) who finally secured the fruitless victory. In  the garrulous meeting which took place at the governor’s lodge in Asokoro (Abuja FACT), Alfa reluctantly pledged unflinching loyalty to GYB’s administration. First, by defecting to APC with immediate effect and to work with pro Buhari senators in the red chambers. In compensation, the property oriented Bello swayed into action by bringing in the attention of the minister of Justice, who was able to influence the presiding judge hence, the kangaroo judgement that brought Alfa to victory against senator Aidoko.
During the anniversary speech delivered by the state governor to mark it’s  administration’s second year in office, GYB promised to provide his best eleven to represent Kogi state in the Legislative chambers owing to the self acclaimed notion of poor performance by the current lawmakers. Even though fact findings have countered this claims, it’s imperative to say that Yahaya Bello lack both political and moral jurisdiction to Foster candidates on Kogites. Reasons not far fetched;
Senator Dino Melaye (Kogi west) by the virtue of his several projects, outsmarted him in terms of achievement.
His emergence as the youngest governor in Nigeria’s democratic history has beclouded the ideal notion of ‘not too young to run’ Currently been solicited for in our political system.
It’s also on record that governor Yahaya Bello’s prime signature for venturing into politics is to acquire choice properties across the country. This is evidenced in the controversial Okene mansion, Asokoro mansion, fuel service stations etc.
His choice of Echocho was borne out of quests to secure Kogi east for his re-election bids. Moreover, his campaign mantra is clear- To recover what he claimed Kogites extorted from him. Echocho is currently in search of power, wealth and connections, just like his principal (GYB). The gigantic, fictitious and non-fulfilling promises, financial inducement as well as Echocho’s campaign been funded directly from the state confers can be triggered by the above.
Yahaya Bello has no plan to champion the cause of Kogites yet, as he practically placed political games above our problems. To him political parties are rather a mere conspiracy to seize power than reforming to affect the people economically. The controversial removal of a very sound local government chairman all in in a bid to pave way for Echocho, the sudden prove of loyalty which brought about the acceptance of cattle ranching in Kogi state which had unleashed several mayhem on the people and the infectious non payment of workers/ cabinet salaries and emoluments. Under Yahaya Bello’s watch APC (Kogi state chapter) wallows continuously in disunity. The recent move to reconcile each faction of the party was triggered by the 2019 electioneering strategies.
In finality, Echocho cannot make a better senator because there is currently a deal between him and the governor which would turn out as patron of personal frustrations. Wait a minute, how was he able to donate five million Naira to Igala cultural development Association (ICDA)? Or is there any secretive shenanigans Kogites are not are aware of? The last time I checked, Mr Edward Onoja (the chief of staff to the governor) pledged to work with other government appointees of Igala extraction to renovate ICDA building. The same building that got over N45 million as funds raised from this year’s event recently chaired by Echocho.
My take here is simple, the management of ICDA should concur to the fact that it had been used to manipulate the interest of the generality in Igala kingdom or do the needful as follows;
1. Update us on the so called 13 seater Charon, which Edward promised to deliver to the association a week after Easter celebration, 33 seater coaster bus which he along side he co- appointees also donated in July.
2. Publish the details of money received from Echocho and all other pledges made by GYB and his appointees to the association in respect of ICDA house renovation.
Kogites please wise up.
– John Paul

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