Kogi Disabled Community: Heart to Defraud Other PLWDs to Achieve Selfish Gain

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Following the first petition on how modern slavery is existing in Kogi State among persons living with disabilities (PLWD) where I stated that; of the 116 women with disabilities that benefited from Federal Government Financial Grant, 9 slots was given to Kogi Central Disabled Community and out of that 9, 5 are residents of Lokoja.

According to Bilikisu, Kogi State Disabled Community women leader, despite her insult on me, had in the voice note she sent to me analysed their sharing formula for me which show no disabled persons from Kogi Central that voted our Governor and no APC disabled leader in the five Local Governments of Kogi Central.

From her statement; 42 was allotted to women with disabilities, 48 to APC disabled women leaders and the remaining 16 allotted to women whose husband are disabled, all making the total of 116. My question is that: do you mean across the five local government areas of Kogi Central, there are no women with disabilities who have actively participated and are still participating actively in all the activities of APC?

In Kogi Central, are there no disabled men that have wives to benefit from the grant? From these 116 slots, do you mean that Kogi central is only deserving of  9, 5 of which our residents of Lokoja?

As for Arome who wrote for Kabiru Omale, accusing me to have worked for Barrister Natasha (SDP) and Zakari for Atiku (PDP) I must say, sound laughable. If you must know, I knew Barrister Natasha before her coming into politics. When she came into politics, she joined the party I am and I have a political leader in which I can never leave for other party. I personally introduced and linked Arome to Natasha in order to help the disabled community in Kogi State. Barrister Natasha empowered 25 disabled persons, with each person getting #20,000, all of which amounted to a total of #500,000 and Kogi Central got 6 slots, of which 3 are Lokoja residents. Additional #100,000 was given to Arome for the organization of the program of which I cannot tell how and what he spent the money on as the program was held at the children’s amusement park in Lokoja and not a rented hotel or event centre. All the evidence is with me and the  Facebook post of Arome praising Natasha Aspiration is with me.

I will prove to Arome all his anti-party activities and how he divided the disabled community in the eastern part of the state across party lines for political gains. I don’t know how many times I did radio program with Big Mama at Radio Kogi 93.5FM Otite – Okene Ebe for the re-election of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, the records are there. A thorough investigation of the roles I played together with my team during the re-election bid of his excellency and that of Arome will reveal the truth about who is actually guilty of hypocrisy and anti-party activities which show on results of GYB election.

 To be continued…

Comrade Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem
Okene PWD’s Chairman

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