Kogi Delegates at the Just Concluded APC Presidential Primaries

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A house divided against itself will not stand. The crack in the house was never mended, hence GYB family first tenure isn’t same as the present one, though with different strengths and weaknesses.

But those that feeds from the system won’t see this. ‘I am for ASUKU while you are for CEDO’ syndrome and we both for GYB with no sincere communication.

Are we seriously serious? And none of the delegates will come and praise or de-market CEDO or ASUKU. We have insincere followers and we are not ready for massive popularity yet. These followers are political workers – they work politically to get paid.

Secondly, the media influencers in GYB team, like in every other state, likes dancing to the tune of their masters than masses. You won’t compare GYB popularity with Zulum of Borno or Makinde of Oyo state,

Go to social media, not GYB owned, and listen from outside what an average Nigerian think of GYB. Read trends and threads. Take this to him and discuss, instead of twisting the truth. GYB is intelligent and strategic but have big lapses – the civil service reformation was a big scam that will never heal soon, Omi rice mill, and a lot of first tenure issues.

If not for militarization of election, there is no way GYB would have come back. So, on this false impressions you hide the truth and continually get confidence on the wrong path!.

GYB was only popular amongst you and not the way you project it.

Quote me, GYB has a lot of positive qualities I can highlight, and he can rule this country if he wants. He has what it takes and I love his guts, though never believed in the project but that’s not my point today

My point is, you deceived GYB that he’s doing well, when it’s not true. If the delegates in Kogi loves money and betrayed him, what happened to the delegates in other states that saw how good he is, and can’t vote for him?

 Going forward, the GYB family should do a forensic reconciliation. You are strong individually but never used it as a team to your advantage.

Do not blame to anyone for what happened, because even if all Kogi delegates voted for him, GYB will not still become PYB because Nigerians don’t want our country to be like Kogi state. I am in Europe and when I meet Nigerians and we talk of Kogi, there is this impression at first about Kogi and the government, so be it social media or personal, there’s a fundamental theorem. Let’s go back and correct this.

So far, we applaud the government this administration for a lot of innovations and projects but much has gone like how Achuba and Makama left, Imam relinquished power forcefully, ASUU, ASUP, Kogi Workers Unions were proscribed.

A lot is wrong and not the delegates but the hyper deceits!

I come in peace.

Nelson Olorunfemi
Emilokan of Bunu Land

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