Kogi CP Warns Ethnic Militia Criminals Against Arms Possession

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The Commissioner of Police in Kogi State, Mr Samuel Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, has warned ethnic militias and criminals in the state to surrender the arms and ammunition in their possession or face the wrath of the law.

Speaking at the weekend, in Lokoja, the state capital, during a peace meeting organised by the state governor, Captain Idris Wada, to find lasting solutions to the war between two factions in Bagana community in the state, Ogunjemilusi informed that the era of unauthorised use of arms by the ethnic militias and criminal elements has gone.

He assured that there would be no hiding place for criminals as the command under his watch will do everything possible to safeguard the state, but however, advised residents of the state to report all criminal activities to the police assuring of crime reduction rate in the state as well as crime free forthcoming general elections.

The governor, Captain Wada, urged the people to eschew bitterness and embrace peace as those who create crisis would live to be consumed by the same crisis, assuring that government is working out plans at rehabilitating the people of the war torn area

He appealed to them to avoid the notion of indigenes and settlers, in order to pave way for genuine reconciliation, saying that under the Nigerian constitution, every Nigerian has a right to live in any part of the country.


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0 thoughts on “Kogi CP Warns Ethnic Militia Criminals Against Arms Possession

  1. Ikani Jackson

    Nigeria s a corrupt country as already said by some wise men in wise nation and that’s all that we are seeing now all around us. A friend of mine once told me when we are debating about kogi gober tussle. She said, it is not the truth that win the case in the court but what win the case is termed as the truth. I then as a question. Is that how it happen in wise countries? Kogi gober case is a test on Nigeria democracy. Nigeria as a nation has turn to Godfather nation were no justice can prevail. I speak not against anybody but as a citizen of this nation.


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