Kogi Civil Servants Now ‘Civil Beggars’, Government Do Something Before It Is Too Late – Abdulsalam Usman

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The world is too nasty!

We are in a state where things seems to be bastardized as a result of circumstances that bedeviled us which compounded the whole problems. Civil servants are now civil beggars, people are becoming directionless and respect for moral values is lacking in the society in which we found ourselves.

Oh! I went to see a family friend, yours sincerely the odds happened.

Here it goes;

“Kpam kpam” at the gate. Behold a dark complexioned and good looking lady, full of life and vigor barged into the compound without waiting for formal permission granted unto her before she entered into the compound.

The first question from her was, “where is your mother”? She asked with hope that things would work out for her.

Sorry Ma! She is deeply asleep, as such I can’t wake her up, the guy I sat with responded. Behold, she insisted that they should wake her up and that she needed to see her. On that note I begged the guy to wake her up and he obliged. On sighting her, she quickly sought her assistance even if it were to be two or three tins of rice. I became a spectator watching keenly to see the outcome of their conversation. Surprising, the other woman responded by saying that, I am sorry, I can’t assist because I am broke as well. Sadly, both of them are civil servant that have now turned to civil beggars.

This incidence is one too many! I have heard about several other incidences but this one happened before my very eyes.

I want to state with every sense of responsibility that the cardinal principle of change we all clamoured for has holistically be jettisoned and relegated to the background. Governor Yahaya Bello, please come to peoples aid before it is too late.

Are you a propagandist governor or the governor with people at heart? Only time shall tell.

– Abdussalam Peace Usman

CIA Lokoja

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