Kogi Central Youths Unveil Movement for Effective Representation

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By Isah Bala.
In a bid to end the age-long political status quo which often characterised by sectionalism, nepotism, godfatherism and bidding, the youths of Kogi Central Senatorial District has taken the bull by the horn by unveiling a movement poised to right the wrongs of the past in electing political representatives into various political offices.
Speaking on the goal of the organisation, the grand coordinator, Comrade Hamza Lamisi noted that the Movement for Effective Representation and Implementation Trend (MERIT) is a leadership driven organization borne out of the zeal and rising quest for effective representation of not limited to the good people of Kogi Central Senatorial District at all level of political leadership and governance.
In its media advocacy, the organization stated that, “We are not helpless. The helpless are the dead. For as long as we live, we have all the wherewithal to change the course of history.  It’s a question of commitment and resilience. Setting the right tools in place and using the right approach that can stand the test of time without sentiments.
“In doing so, we must equip ourselves with facts and up-to-date challenges around us and we must believe in everybody irrespective of social status. We must believe that every soul has one good thing to offer and judge him or her from that.”
In the words of Albert Einstein “everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life believing that it is stupid”
“We have a strong quest for good leadership and governance. The quest which redirects focus on two key factors namely; Antecedent and Competence which constitute the motto slogan of our movement.
“As we move on, education and reorientation are key to our success in changing the system from good to better. Good governance is our collective responsibility and we must be smart this time in our selection.
“Join Movement For Effective Representation And Implementation Trend (MERIT).
All correspondence to merit.rep@gmail.com
Facebook – MERIT
Twitter – @MERITrep
“Together We Can!

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