Kogi Central 2019: Okehi Youths Vow to Stop Adagu Suberu for Calling Them ‘Social Media Rats’

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It is no more a rumour that the people of Okehi LG in Kogi central senatorial district felt cheated in the political landscape in the district since the creation of the state and has been agitating for the office to be zoned to the LG.
Mr Anako Ibrahim said we aren’t just asking or agitating for the office to be zoned to the LG but as well preparing to feature their best to occupy the seat.
On this note, we constantly engage our  aspirants to evaluate, understand and validate their mental capacity and behavioral tendencies.
As usual On this particular day, the 10-06-2018, youths from the LG decided to ask some of their past leaders their score cards while in office before asking them for another big opportunity to represent them at the red chamber.
He said a particular young man, called Vincent Babatunde who hailed from Ihima and resides in the city of Abuja decided to challenge the former two times house of reps member from the local government, Hon AK Salihu of his past antecedents during his 8 years in office as lawmaker when one of his supporter posted his campaign poster on the WhatsApp group called ‘Okehi Reawakening’ which is restricted to the LG only.
The elder statesman who later came up with some points to justify his achievements in office and as well appealed for support from the people over his senatorial aspiration. He noted the man A. K Salihu from his word is a man of wisdom, he did not allow his emotions to play out but took charge and addressed the group with choice of word full of wisdom.
Then a former Local Government chairman who is known for fueling crises and sponsoring thuggery during his tenure and also an aspirant for senate shown his usual character by quickly adding his voice to the issue on ground by taking a swipe on the youths of Okehi by calling them ‘Social Media RATS’ who don’t know anything about the politics of the state but always condemning the efforts of the past leaders.
Below are his daring and disparaging words to the Okehi youths:
“Politics of vindictiveness and name calling will certainly do harm to Okehi senate Project. I’m worried about the recent uprising calling themselves new breeds.,I term them social media rats who do not understand what politics is all about. I’m sure most of them are over 30yrs of age let them join the race for senate than hypocrisy and name calling”
He also stressed on when he joined Kogi politics at his early stage just like the present Kogi state Governor.
“Governor of Kogi state was slightly above 40 when he became the governor of the state,I was the Executive chairman of Okehi LGA at the age slightly above 30. Now what records of achievement has this attack on social media by diaspora politician brought to Okehi LGA, Pls lets play the game with civility.”
He said at the time when the young people from the Local government asked him to apologize to the youths of Okehi for using such words, he blatantly refused, rather, he made it know to them that he owed nobody any apology. (this man is mean and dangerously wicked)
“I do not owe anybody any apology. My statement is personal to me and it reflect the current happening in our society..let any one takes  his or her flesh out of it,very standard and does not have any qualms” (arrogantly put)
At this Juncture, one of the senatorial aspirant from the LG, Engr Abdulmalik Okino who was disappointed with the choice of words used by the former local Government boss on Okehi youths and still refused to apologize, Engr Okino went ahead to plead on his behalf and as well commended their role in the past for standing for Okehi in previous elections and also corrected the impression, maintaining that youths can do better if well equipped, citing the current House of reps member from the local government, Hon Kabiru Ajannah who is a youth and making efforts.
Another elder statesman in the district called Oricha also pleaded on his behalf.
We the youths seemed to be OK with the plea interventions until the controversial and unrepentant Former LG boss again made fun of Okehi youths with the derogatory words below:
” Social media Rat .. Smiles…”
He seems to be aware that we the youths do not want him to represent them because of his thuggish and betrayal attitude , such as he did to the former Governor of Kogi state( Ibrahim Idris) and has nothing to offer building personal houses and hotels from public funds reason why he has  been using derogatory words on us just to devalued their efforts ahead of 2019 General election
He said All this didn’t gone down well with we the youths again who have earlier moved passed the subject matter and now vowed to apply same media to deal with him in any of his future aspirations in the state.
Mr Anako Ibrahim urge every citizen of Kogi Central especially Okehi LGA to be aware of this man called Adagu. We can not give our mandate to a man who has no regards for the youth and unrepentantly arrogant leader to preside over the affairs of people of Kogi Central Senatorial District.
Okehi LGA youths are not rats, we are intelligent people with understanding of what we want, that’s why we put you to test and you have just failed our test of competence and strength of character sir.
Anako Ibrahim conclude by saying Mr Adagu expect more from we the media Rat from Okehi because all of us we invade you on media like Rats you have called us in coming days.
– Anako Bashiru wrote from Omavi

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