Kogi Central 2019: League of Comrades Endorse Engr. Okino for Senate

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The aspiration of Engineer Abdullahi Malik Okino recieved a boost as different youth leaders across Kogi Central endorsed him as their preferred senate candidate for 2019 elections.

At an enlarged meeting of the youth leaders, under the aegis of ‘League of Comrades’, in Okene, it was resolved that Okino’s choice is based on justice and the need for a paradigm shift.

The youth wing of ‘Engr Okino Project for Senate’ led by Comrade Matthew James Spreading and Comrade Muhammed Abacha met with cross section of comrades from Kogi central to educate them about the project of young and competent Engr Abdullahi Malik Okino, a leading Senate aspirant.
Comrade Spreading, a well-known youth mobilizer, emphasised on the negative effect of youths being used as a mere tool for achieving personal interests for  politicians. He said the era of using youths for thuggery and other anti-social activities is over.
“Our gathering today is basically for the purpose of conscientizing the youths to rise up to face the reality of real politics and social development in Kogi State,” he said.
Comrade Abacha Sheik added that it is his plea that all youths present at the meeting will put on their thinking cap and make a conclusive decision on who among the known and emerging Senatorial aspirants within Kogi Central has good and substantial plans for the youths.
He invited everyone present to put Engr. Okino on a scale and weigh him, perhaps their personal judgement will reveal the content of our principal and bring into limelight, that which makes him different from others.
Comrade Zack Adohueje, a one time NAES President of A.B.U added his view on the ongoing matter by challenging everyone present to question themselves and point out what exactly is their personal contributions to the state, and to what extent have they helped the development of their various localities.
He pledged his personal support for young Engineer and he charged others to take heed.
“There are only two Senatorial aspirants within the Central and they are Engr. Okino and others,” he declared.

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