Kogi Central 2015: Alh Hamza Usman Joins Senate Race

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Eighty Seven days to 2015 general elections, the battle for senate in Kogi Central district took a new dimension as Alhaji Hamza Usman joins the race to replace current senator Nurudeen Abatemi-Usman at the upper arm of the National Assembly.

The former aide to the governor of Kwara State, who is running on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has promised to effect positive change in quality of people representation, if given the opportunity to serve at the National Assembly.

Hamza, who pledged to give purposeful servitude with the aim of improving the level of youth re-orientation  in Kogi Central senatorial district and the state at large, condemned the prevailing situation where a large population of the youth aren’t appropriately focused on development in the district.
Speaking to journalists, after picking the nomination form and expression of interest, Hamza called on his supporters to be civil, as respect for the electorate and the electioneering process is the hallmark of democratic practices.

He said, “my entrance into the race marks a new era for Kogi Central. I promise to serve through an open door policy that would ensure a two- way communication process between the elected and the electorates. I choose my words carefully as I mean them. Th e senatorial mission isn’t a job opportunity, but an errand by the people, and for the people, hence, anyone so sent, must as a matter of expediency deliver back to the people for their entrenched trust. In this regard, respect for people’s opinion, yearnings, and collective aspiration is fundamental and must be taken to account by running people centric constituency projects, policies and strategies. For their trust and votes, one must qualitatively ensure the feeling of belonging, and this I can confidently commit to ensuring”

Hamza also promised to be a veritable and reliable bridge between elders and the youth.

There are established institutions by culture, and indeed, even in grassroot politics. One must adequately acknowledge these class and groups, towards ensuring peace which predicates progress. Everyone is important, and everyone should have a say. Even if one intends to bring forth a constituency project, ideally, it shouldn’t be imposed on people of the area, because only the people from each locality can appropriately outline their own needs. Involving respective stakeholders and their constituents in decision making on issues is the only viable democratic route to impacting positively in communities and lives people there-in. People deserve to feel dividends of democracy, but as it currently prevails, we dearly need a breath of fresh air in Kogi Central, and God willing, by people’s choice we shall achieve it.”

Where the State Government has been sincere to purpose and are rolling out several developmental projects, it’s unfortunate that the reality on ground is that people aren’t happy with the central government. This is undoubtedly due only to the endemic failure of the peoples representative at local levels and their legislators who are supposed to be closest to their people and are ideally supposed to compliment the efforts of the State and Federal govt. This is unfair to a hardworking and committed Governor such as His Excellency, Capt Idris Wada. This has to change.”

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