Kogi: 30-yr Old Amputee Cries Out for Help After Giving Birth to Triplets

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For Mercy Mudi Daniel, a 30 year old physically challenged woman who was married for five years without a child, it was an amazing joy for her and the husband when God finally blessed them recently with three bouncing babies.

But the joy was short-lived when the couple thought of how to take good care of the babies as the husband is jobless while the wife right limb and leg have been amputated owing to the auto crash she was involved in, a few years ago.

Due to the excruciating poverty, the couple was thrown into, it became very difficult for the woman to be delivered of her babies in the hospital, she had to do that right in the corner of a room.

Now the three bouncing baby boys are in stable condition but the woman who hails from Ogbabo in ofu local government area of kogi state is crying out for help.

In her words , “My husband is a very loving and caring husband. He worked so hard, selling all that he has laboured for to see that I’m alive. He has been supportive as he doesn’t want me to be stigmatized.

“However, our marriage is without the fruit of the womb, until recently when God answers our prayers. What can I say, I can’t blame God who knows my condition and still bless me with these beautiful triplets.

“We have nothing to even go to the hospital for the delivery. God in his infinite mercy assisted me to deliver at home without problems. We have nothing to take care of these babies. We call on the government and well-meaning Nigerians to help us to cope with the demand for their upkeep.

“We acknowledge the effort of the Deputy Governor of Kogi state Hon. Edward Onoja, who visited us.  We are soliciting for help from Nigerians so that these babies could be brought up normally,” she pleaded amid sobs.

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