Yagba East Chairman, F.G. Ibrahim Fails in His Bid to Impose House Leader

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The newly sworn-in Chairman of Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State, Otunba F.G. Ibrahim (Azuri) had his first baptism of political twists when he failed woefully in his bid to impose one of the new Councillors as House Leader in the council.

Reports fro Yagba East alleged that Azuri made attempts to impose the Councillor representing Ward 10 so as to ensure he controls the affairs of the House through out his tenure as Chairman. Unknown to him, political elements within the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Yagba East were scheming against his intended imposition.

When Azuri got wind of the political moves against his puppet, he allegedly used his foot soldiers to frustrate members from sitting throughout the week. When the House eventually sat, his anointed House leader lost to Hon. Monday Aina Joseph from Ward 07.

Azuri will have to step up his act at the Council to win the confidence of not just the House but also staff of the council. Expectations are high and Yagba East people are largely irrepressible.

Meanwhile, Azuri has pledged to work closely with labour and staff to ensure their welfare is taken care of as at when due but will not condone indiscipline. He made this pledge in his inaugural speech as he took over the reins at the Council.

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