KLM Unveils Its ‘Kogi Education Policy’

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The ongoing discussion of Kogi Liberation Movement is on education. The group has aired it view on education. It reads;
Education in Kogi State; Prospect and Challenges

Education is the bedrock of development. Education is seen as potent tool used in shaping and bringing about any meaningful development. But unfortunately education in Kogi state is faced with numerous challenges.

These includes: Inadequate and lack of quality teachers, Poor Funding, Poor Infrastructure, Poor Parenting/Guidance, Lack of teaching aid ( Computers, Laboratories, Projector, Library, Modern board etc), incessant strike as a result of nonpayment of salaries and wages, Lack of Motivation, Poverty in the land , Corruption and indiscipline of staff and students/Pupils.

For meaningful development education sector needs to be properly attend to in achieving the goals of education. There must be reorientation and Proper attention to correct the menace.


Over the years as against appreciating , education system in kogi state depreciate in value; with decline in standard, dilapidated facilities. Most government secondary schools has become SSCE annual festival centres. A three year – 2014 -2016- state by state comparison of incidence of examination malpractices compiled by WAEC shows kogi has the highest rate with 23.53% of it candidate implicated in various examination irregularities.

Only recently, WAEC ban 47 secondary schools for aiding and abetting examination malpractices in Kogi state from serving as centres for its exams. Kogi has not been ranked among first 10 top states in WASSCE in the last 7years. Kogi current position in WASSCE stands at 15th in 2018. Can’t Kogi do better? . This shows how action and inaction of all stakeholders has individually or collectively contributed to the collapsing state of education in our dear state Kogi.

The challenges will be briefly discussed alongside prospects and recommendations.


I. INADEQUATE AND LACK OF QUALITY TEACHERS: Most schools in kogi state have few and unqualified teachers. Teachers students ratio is as low as 1:100 without specialty.

II. POOR FUNDING/  POOR INFRASTRUCTURE: The gross under funding of educational sector in Kogi and neglect of the maintenance of facilities, instructional apparatus, and Learning condition is a measure challenge.

III. LACK OF TEACHING AIDS: The current day education cannot be smooth without teaching aids like projector, computers, library, laboratories, modern board even internet service. Most of these are lacked in Kogi schools.

IV. INCESSANT STRIKE/NONPAYMENT: Strike as a result of one demand or the other most time disrupt school academic calendar. nonpayment of salaries and wages have become a major problem that must be addressed.

V. POOR PARENTING/GUIDANCE: The parent and guidance has failed to inculcate in their children and wards that success comes through hardworking, by encouraging them to read, attend extra classes, teach them what d future holds, instead they aid and finance activities in and around examination centres to effect exam malpractices. Some move to intimidate their teachers in schools to stop necessary disciplinary actions.

VI. INDISCIPLINE AND CORRUPTION: This is another major problem in our society. Get rich quick syndrome most time make teachers, students and many people jump lay down processes and cut corner.

VII. POVERTY IN THE LAND: Most People are poor and live below average. They need to be supported in paying some bills and given some learning items.

VIII. CULTISM AND OTHER SOCIAL VICES: Youth and Students in kogi indulge in many social vices now are days. The teachers are even afraid of correcting some students in the school. Those of them involved in this act hooliganism most time await teachers who may have corrected them along the road to hurt them.

IX. LACK OF MOTIVATIONS: There are No motivation from government and private individual towards education. Even Alumni association care not about their alma mata.


Kogi state is endowed with youth and children with bunch of talents and skills. This can only be tapped if proper attention is given to education.

Every well meaning sons and daughters of Kogi state should invest in education. Government, Private and corporate organization should responsibly encourage and finance research programme, invention, reward performance, support industrial visit, push for inter school competition.

Attention must be focused on funding and making learning environment conducive. The government should design suitable guidelines and for funding education.


I. Schools should be properly staffed and equipped.

II. There should be regular payment of salaries and wages

III. Better remuneration and packages for teachers.

IV. Qualitative and affordable education should be made available for all Pupils

V. Primary schools kits should be provided by government

VI. More vocational and technical centres should be establish.

VII. More modern Learning aids should be provided in schools.

VIII. Government should completely take over fees of common entrance, JSSCE, and Senior school certificate examination

IX. Government , Individual, and Private sectors should pull in more resources and effort toward development of education.

X. Government should ensure payment of bursary allowance to all Kogi students in tertiary institutions and try as much as possible to give scholarship.

XI. Kogi Politician and highly placed sons and daughters should give scholarship, to reward performance.

XII. Government should partner private sector to create job for teaming graduate which serves as motivations to the young one’s as students.

XIII. Government and Private individual should support competition in schools.

XIV. Government and independent inspectorate committee should be put in place to monitor activities in schools.

XV. Teachers must be train Professionally.

XVI. Reorientation of teachers, students and Parents on the need to discourage exam malpractice in schools must be done continually.

XVII. Inter school competition should be encourage and sponsor by government , NGO , and individuals.

XVIII. Widows and Orphans should be assisted and given special consideration.

XIX. Government should design an education policy to partner with notable institutions outside Nigeria to engage good numbers of final year students of tertiary institutions in a specialize areas like ICT, Mechanize farming, health innovation etc., annually for duration like 6months and above.

Education is a key to unlock potentials in every individuals and the world it self. Kogi State stakeholders should individually and collectively encourage and support education. All hands must be on deck to Plan not only for  improvement in our education system in kogi state  but a for Sustainable growth Education sector and others.

Baba D Idachaba and other members of the Education committee members

Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder: Kogi Liberation Movement (KLM).

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