Kick Out Illiteracy: Cosmas Atabor Leads Distribution of Education Materials in Igalamela-Odolu LGA

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Hon. Cosmas Ilemona Atabor, the transition chairman of Igalamela/Odolu recently spearheaded the distribution of educational materials across public schools in the Igalamela/Odolu region. The initiative aimed to support and enhance the learning experiences of students and pupils in the area.

The distribution took place at the staff Nursery, primary school, and community secondary school Ofuloko, where Hon. Atabor personally oversaw the handover of essential educational materials to the school heads.

“Education is the cornerstone of community development, and we are committed to ensuring that our students /pupils have access to the tools they need to succeed,” said Hon. Atabor.

“This distribution is just the beginning of our efforts to uplift the educational infrastructure and create a brighter future for the youth in Igalamela/Odolu.”

The educational materials include textbooks, stationery, and other learning aids, which were welcomed with enthusiasm by the school administrators.

The distribution was seen as a significant step in addressing the resource gaps faced by public schools in the region and improving the overall quality of education.

“We are grateful for Hon. Atabor’s genuine concern for the well-being of our students and his commitment to enhancing their educational experience,” said the head of the staff Nursery, primary school, and community secondary school Ofuloko.

“This support will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the academic performance and overall development of our learners.”

The distribution of educational materials is part of Hon. Atabor’s broader efforts to uplift the community and create lasting positive change. The initiative has been widely praised by local residents, who see it as a testament to the leader’s dedication to improving the lives of the people in Igalamela/Odolu.

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