Kehinde Oloruntoba: The Man of The People

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Hon Kehinde Oloruntoba, the quintessential and  developmental fanatic, an  icon of our time is a man of several definitions to different people.
A leader is one whose personality is so influential that it connects even with the people he never met.
A leader becomes a source of light that beams hope to the aspirations of common people, and impacts on their dreams interestingly that his personality begins to serve as pathway to achieving unthinkable goals by anyone directly or remotely connected to his leadership ideology and practice.
Oloruntoba in his unique and unequalled generosity and inclusive leadership style, has trough his actions convinced everyone that he is a man without a preferred people, but rather, he  is a man that belongs to everybody and as well to anybody. Anyone who believes in his course and ideology is his. This unique leader has a style that enables any of his followers to personalise ownership of him.He never betrays you; he never forgets you when you have been there for him; and if he believes in you, he stands by you till the end even if he is the only one that gives in to your cause. He belongs to everybody, yet belongs to somebody at every point in time!
A man that was not well-known in the political terrain before 2015, but has tremendously altered the developmental and political landscape of Kogi States  in recent times – that is greatness!
Oloruntoba never leads from behind; he is often in the front line when a goal is to be achieved. He is the motivation his team needs to achieve uncommon successes. He is a team-player.
On leadership, Queen Elizabeth II once said: “I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together”.
Oloruntoba is the an embodiment of the attributes outlined by Queen Elizabeth. He is not a brand made for greed as his life is an embodiment of public good.
He is an influencer, he is a leadership institution, he is a school of thought, he is a multiplier of values and political cum administrative talents hunter.
Oloruntoba belongs to me. He belongs to you, and he belongs to everyone. His ideology, belief and association can be publicly identified. He is an open book as far as leadership is concerned. Yet, he is an independent chapter of a voluminous epistle of life.
– Oladele Samuel writes from Lokoja

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