Kabir Azi Onyene a Personified Ebira

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No gain to say silence is the best answer to a fool, even more so, it is rather counterproductive to be reactive to ill manifestation of an individual. Such is the personal position Hon. Kabir have taken to recent lone, dissent and inordinate expression of Oyarazi Aisha Atta. On that, this our very decent Honorable have sternly resist replying the media wash on his humble self, causing delay in this response.

I must now apologize first to Hon. Kabir for his forgiveness, for doing this against his wish. Even as the attack target himself, he was not perturbed instead he said it rather stimulate him to do more good, that if people do more good, the said writer invariably on the long run will be touched positively and change for better.

My rationale for taking this step is to set record straight and serve to shadow the eroding effects the write up has on the pysch and motivation of some progressive minded and hardworking youths with viable business acumen who may have little or no formal education but bent on achieving some feat in life through legitimate means.

It baffles me, how a sane person will challenge or be surprise at been successful through legit route in chosen enterprise, with low western education, not to forget that the large chunk of the who is who in the business and similar circle, are people with little or no certificate but with GOD endowed ‘sabificate’ like Hon. Kabir. So do not doubt the blessings and mercies of God and be steadfast in struggle.

I wonder how this lady, arrived at her conclusion that Hon. Kabir is a billionaire even as a top business tycoon cum government appointee.

My summation of that her impression about Honorable, which I fervently pray God in his infinite make of him, stem out from the way and manner he put his hard-earned moderate wealth to various charity works he has undertaken and is still doing. That aptly defines the true philanthropist that he is, which is the courage to give a lot out not minding the not too gigantic resources available to him.

It beats my imagination why a lucid person will want to bring up issues that pertains to health challenge in a family, which is suppose to be personal to the public space, for whatever reason or gain not even for political gain. Hence, it is in the open, I want to enlighten you, that the said younger brother to Alhaji Kabir had been receiving his routine treatment and counselling needed from team of specialists at a reputable medical centre in that ailment, and this doesn’t need publicity as Aisha would have want but rather inimical to the right of an individual patient.

May ALLAH Almighty, the true and only healer heal Yekini Jatto, Ameen. Which of the blessings of God can one do without, is it not enough credence to divine intervention, to survive the ghastly murder attack on him, sometimes in February, 2019. That, who knows, for his numerous selfless help rendered on the needy and downtrodden. Nobody have ever been this lucky or defeated death by a whisker since around 2012 when this scourge of assassination started in Ete-Ebira.

It was not about might or whatever, considering the number and caliber of people who have died via assassination attack world over, generation to generation.

A person in the rank of Alexander the Great, who conquered and ruled several powerful empires and kingdoms was a victim who could not survive it.

Kabir Onyene, a charismatic and social magnate, even with the slim resources available to him have touched life in the area of putting smile on faces of the poor, built socio-religious places, sponsored several youths for business mentoring, skill acquisition, craft-tools empowerment, higher institution students scholarship and sponsorship which have multiple effects on the socioeconomic growth of our society.

Also, that brings to mind how he has within the dwarf strength of his position as SA to his Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello on Domestic Affairs, facilitate the gainful employment of his family and non family members alike in choice jobs in international, government and private sectors.
In all, we should always even in tense political struggle learn how to desist from fighting dirty and speaking ill of people no matter the gains especially those that are doing really good covertly.

– Engr. Ubaid Chatta

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