Kabba/Bunu APC: Hon Arokoyo David Femi Withdraws from House of Assembly Race

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As you are aware, in the last one year and more,  when I took the decision to contest for the post of the Honourable member of Kogi  State House of Assembly,  Kabba/Bunu constituency of our great party, I have done what has been described in many quarters as most unprecedented.
I traversed the length and breadth of our great Kabba Bunu constituency, meeting with various stakeholders, leadership and party members, and setting up structures for the pursuance of my  aspiration.
It was a great opportunity for me to spread the message of hope, renewing the confidence of not only our party members but also the entire citizens of Kabba/Bunu about our great party. I believe that I did what is expected of a loyal and committed party member to inject a new life into the party, refresh and reenergise it for optimum acceptance by the electorate.
We are a political party, and a democratic one at that. Contest for for offices are expected to be competitive and this is what we have demonstrated sufficiently with the good number of very credible aspirants who have shown interests in all the various offices.
The sustainability of the success of our party to me is the greatest challenge before our party, and regaining this lost glory is more important to me than any aspiration for offices.
In order to sustain the new found peace and renewed confidence in our party and reduce the veiled but potential line of frictions, I consider it in the best interest the party and my esteemed supporters to voluntarily withdraw from the House of Assembly race so that we can collectively look for and elect good leaders for the purpose of winning elections in 2019.
I want to acknowledge the efforts of the leadership of the party in the state as we have in His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, governor of Kogi state who have shown commitment to ensuring that our great party succeeds in the forthcoming elections, His Chief of Staff, Hon. Edward Onoja a leader per excellence, the Administrator of Kabba/Bunu Local government, the constituency I wish to represent Commander Jerry Omodara, adviser to the governor on security, Mr Abel PPA to the Deputy governor, Hon Aledare  Emmanuel, APC State Youth Leader, members of my campaign organisation and will always as a loyal party man submit to the supremacy of the party’s and its decisions.
I want to equally appeal to my supporters who have shown commitment to this course not to lose focus on the fact that in as much as we want to represent them, we also have to work in accordance with the interest of the party.
I assure you all that we will continue to do only those things that will promote the god of our party, our constituency and Kogi state at large.
Kindly accept assurances of my esteemed regards.
Hon. Arokoyo David Femi.

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