J. I. Olumudi; A Testimony of A Selfless Icon

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Mr. Jimmy Idowu Olumudi, a retired Assistant Comptroller General of Customs, is the first Owe man to rise to the position of Assistant Comptroller General (ACG) in the Nigerian Customs Service.  He is no doubt and by all standard a rare personality, outstanding public servant, very patriotic community leader and philanthropist of high repute.
During his service years, Mr. Olumudi was a great and dutiful officer whose home background and training encouraged to leave indelible footprints and remarkable success anywhere he’s found.
From the various Customs assignments to the ingenious service he rendered even at the risk of his life to make Nigeria a drug free zone, a quick recall of the escalating rate of drug trafficking between late 80s and early 90s will give a better understanding of the personality of the man who established a foundation and legacy of organizational excellence for NDLEA, he was recorded to be one of the best ever all through his tour of duty. Realizing the background he comes from, Chief Olumudi deployed his influence and position to offer job opportunities to several Okun and non Okun persons and rendered other forms of assistance at the slightest opportunity. In 1979, as a dashing middle level officer of the Nigerian Customs Service, Mr. Olumudi facilitated and ensured the appointment of eight (8) young indigenes into Customs at a swoop. Those he ensured their appointments in 1979 have now retired meritoriously after 35 years of service to the Nation.
Equally in 1990, our icon of inestimable value facilitated the appointment of six (6) indigent young persons into the newly created National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). It must be emphasized that the policy of the recruitment was for each state of the Federation to produce five (5) graduates into the new Agency. Mr. Olumudi used his influence to ensure that out of the five slots allotted Kwara State, four (4) came from home. This was a rare feet, as most of his peers then in public service at Federal and state levels, with exception of a few, belonged to the’’ ya je se’’ era. One of those he assisted into the NDLEA has risen to Directorship position and he had equally used his position to ensure the enlistment of several persons into the Agency.  This would not have been possible if not for Mr. Olumudi.
Moreover, as the Coordinator ‘Zone A’ of the Nigerian Customs Service with office in Lagos, our patriotic brother, father, leader and mentor used the instrument of his office to allocate vehicles been auctioned to scores of our people. In fact, the Muslim Community in Kabba benefited from his kind hardheartedness as the first bus to be owned by the Muslim Community came through that source. May Allah subuhanalai tahala reward him abundantly for this good gesture of his to the Islamic faith.
On retirement from public service, his love for his dear homeland made him to settle in Kabba leaving cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos to establish some business concerns where the employees are from home.
It is as a result of all these contributions that ACG Olumudi had made and he is still making to the socio-economic development of our people that I urge all delegates to consider the need for Okunland to catch up by voting for him as he prepares to lead ODA on the part of prosperity and greatness, his experience, competence, capacity and contact will position Okunland for infrastructural, socioeconomic and human development.  He is a rare breed different from some of his peers. The Community benefited immensely from his goodness and generosity, that is why he is being regarded an icon.
It is therefore our collective responsibility to ensure his emergence for the good of Okunland.
– Tai Ejibunu 

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