It Is Time For Okun Man To Become Kogi State Governor – Ajagun

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Foremost student leader, Comrade Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel has insisted that it is the time of an Okun man from the Western Senatorial District of Kogi State to become Governor of the State.

Ajagun made this known during National Association Of Okun Students (NAOS), University of Abuja chapter on Tuesday.

He noted that the forthcoming governorship election provides perfect time for the leaders of various political parties across Okun land to put heads together and synergize on how to get the governorship ticket for an Okun man to become governor of the state.

The Okun students leader said that it is time to let go of the ‘minority mentality’, stressing that with cooperation, synergy and timely strategy an Okun man can become the governor of Kogi State.

“There is power in unity, for instance. I am trying to penetrate into a room that has been locked inside with padlock but I couldn’t, if this and that person(s) join me, we can even break the door and have our way in. This door is the door of Lugard House. Our leaders should team together in one voice and fight for our right to become the governor of Kogi State.

“For how long shall we continue to see ourselves as the minority? For how long shall we continue to subject ourselves to a devastating marginalization in our own state? When are we going to get it right if not now?,” he asked.

Ajagun criticized the political heavyweights from Kogi West for not realizing the damage they have done for the district by not speaking in one voice to meeting up with the people’s expectation.

“Kogi State was created in 1991, almost 28 years now. Since the return of democracy in 1999 our leaders can not speak in one voice. It is now 28 years of a stupendous marginalization of the people of Kogi West, specifically the Okun speaking people of the district, despite the numbers of influential political juggernauts from the zone.

“We are not limited to becoming deputy governor or speaker of the state, we can also be governor. Just as we are asking our leaders what they were doing when other tribes are becoming governor of the state, one day, our own children will also ask us same question if we don’t get up and do something now

“It educe a lot of reaction and concerns the nonchalant attitudes  of our leaders in Okun land concerning the 2019 governorship race. In a situation where almost 20 people have already shown interest to run for the office of the governor from Kogi East, our own leaders are quiet and they seem not having interest in the race. I ask, does that mean we have totally succumb to the magnitude relegation of our tribe in our own state? I ask, does that mean we no longer have those political leaders who can take the bull by the horn and do the needful? We have been grossly marginalized and we are comfortable.

“We are appealing to the traditional rulers across Okunland and most especially the Obaro of Kabba who doubled as the chairman Okun traditional council to summon all the politicians in Okun land across different parties for meeting on how to put end to this slavery of our tribe. We also solicit the efforts of all the sons and daughters of Okun to team up in unity and fight this battle, this is a collective struggle to fight for liberation of our land.”

Ajagun noted that an average Okun politician is competent and capable of sailing the ship of the state to an enviable destination. He challenged the political leaders across parties in Okunland to come together and speak in one voice towards the forthcoming election promising to mobilize the youths and students across Kogi west to agitate and support any Okun man who make it to the primary under the two ruling and opposition parties.

“Henceforth, we shall continue to agitate for this course until our leaders come out and do what is expected of them. Our agitation will cut across the state and we shall be granting different type of Press statements both on print and electronic media to effect this agitation,” he concluded.

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