On Attah Igala’s Trip to Aso Rock Villa

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 Trip of Shame

Why did you embark on this journey of betrayal?

Oh, Attah Igala!

Why have you abandoned the sheep to dine with the wolves?

Have the gods knocked out the senses in thy head?

What went wrong?

Your ancestors and predecessors are asking you from their graveyards!

First, it was rumour, and now it is true

Trip to the Villa, trip of shame!

Why did you choose to desecrate the temple of Igala unity and integrity?

Where was the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland in this your journey of smiles-in-tears?

Did you see him in your convoy of disgrace? No!

Why have you become more Ebira than the Ebira people?

Just because  of Mammon? But, why you of all people?

Your father is asking with tears, please answer him!

Why have you killed him a second time?

Why have you pushed the dead to commit another suicide?

Dead tenants of Oja’ina are asking, please, reply them!

Did you say the people at home are happy with Pharaoh?

Did you also say the people at home have endorsed King Herod?

Oh, Attah Igala, why have you become megaphone of official falsehood?

The gods are not to blame in all cases but in this trip of falsehood, they are!

If not, why have they not struck you with dumbness and blindness for lying against the people?

– Solomon Akobe

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