Int’l Day of the Girl’s Child; Pageantry Isn’t a Career – Former Miss Kogi

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By Mathew James Zoe.
Queen  Sarah Yusuf,  Miss Kogi 2014, Miss Photogenic Africa 2016, the current Woman leader National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Kogi State Chapter, the publisher Xera Magazine and the CEO of Houze of Xera who is a graduate of Economics from Kogi State University, the only child of her mother, she was born and brought up in Abuja, hailed from Ofu local Government Area of Kogi State, Ejule to be precise.
Queen Sarah Yusuf has this to say during a special program organised by the management of Nigeria Christian Youths Political Platform (NICHYPP) Online to commemorate this year International Day of the Girl’s Child tagged “Empower Girls Child”
She said a girl is a female gender, younger woman. To empower simply means to give power or to enable them live their lives to the fullest.
While she was highlighting the importance of Girls Child she said the importance of empowering a girl child can not be over emphasized, Once a girl is empowered,  it does not stop there as she will also empower her child and this transfers even to the children’s children. Hence, the society at large Will be affected too.
Girls are open to a lot of dangers in the society the more if they aren’t properly guided. Women empowerment generally is an essential tool for societal development.  A girl grows to become a woman and starts giving birth to children.  It is the knowledge that she has that she will transfer to her children. So to have a better society,  we must start working towards having better girls/women.
It is a girl grows to become a woman after gives birth, stays with the children And trains the children too.
One of the importance thing to do for any Girls child is to give them a sound Education because we all know Knowledge is power. A lot of them do not even know the importance of education. I feel with proper sensitisation programs,  their way of thinking will begin to change.
The NICHYPP Anchorage also asked her about the story she shared on her social media handle concerning the children she adopted and empower of recent in lokoja to know her plans for them and the future
Queen Sarah said the young lady has become a friend and a sister. She comes to my shop everyday after closing from school. Even, she has become part of my family. My plan is to train her till her university level.
Her mum was established so that hunger will not push her into begging too or make her want to stop Aisha from going to school And every week I give her money for Aisha’s transport fare to school and feeding With all these God’s willing,  I hope Aisha will become a better person.
She established the mother too, I asked the business she would like to do to enable her cater for her family instead of Aisha having to beg before they feed and today she is waxing greater in the business.
But I’m not happy seeing Abdullahi not going to school yet but I’m hopeful  because seeing how neat and beautiful Aisha has become, Abdullahi disturb the mother and cries whenever he sees Aisha on uniform Because the both parents leave close to each other and  I tried to enlighten Abdullahi’s mum but she felt I had a personal interest by persuading her to allow her child to go to school So I think if i will put a little more effort,  she will agree.
My challenge is this, I empowered the two mothers but Abdulahi’s mum ended up not doing the business. I was told she used the money to buy food stuff, She believes the begging bring more money and school doesn’t because she can’t be patient enough to wait till her son graduates or starts working to survive So she prefers I give them money daily.
Her mindset is that if Abdullahi has to go to school, I must be giving the mother money daily to make up the money Abdullahi could have made if he was begging on the street which I’m not ready to do because it will not help the family But am looking for a job for the mother though, like cleaner or something that does not require certificate.
She condemned the mindset of many who thought beauty queen’s are spoilt children, she said I think any lady that wants to be spoilt will be spoilt with or without a crown. It is a personal decision and I don’t really see pageantry as a career,  I see it as a platform to bring out what u have inside of you, it’s like an edge since the prestige  helps you to access a lot of things easily. People respect you and want to listen to u.This is why you don’t just win and sit down, You come up with pet projects and solicit for sponsorship or supports from the government, companies etc
So the crown doesn’t make you better but what you have to offer after the crown is what matters most.
In the northern part, majority do not believe in girl child education.They believe more in girl child marriage so they do not need to go school to learn about marriage. It is easy for an uneducated mother to sit her child down and tell her everything she needs to know about a man and how to behave as a wife but very difficult for these mothers to teach them about the importance of going to school. Now how can they teach their children about what they do not even believe in at all?
This  call for a concern which I believe everyone need to get involve to sensitise mother’s to know the importance of given Girl’s Child education and support them as well in our community and the country at large.

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