Insecurity Situation in Nigeria and The way Forward

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Insecurity is the state of being subject to danger and vulnerability. It is a situation of lack of security and/or uncertainty. Insecurity is a universal problem with much consequences and repercussions.

In Nigeria,  insecurity occasioned by Boko Haram insurgents started in the year 2009 or so. Thousands of people lost their lives as a result of attacks carried out by the dreaded insurgents in the market places, mosques, schools, churches, military formations etc and the number keep on increasing on daily basis.

Successive governments succeeded in putting in place numerous efforts in order to curb the menace but the activities of the insurgency keep on growing stronger by the day. Boko Haram recent tactic of attacking military formations and cart away our military arms and ammunitions thereafter is becoming worrisome.

As at today, the group is said to be more stronger in some local government areas in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states according to information in the public domain.

On way forward, there’s need for President Muhammadu Buhari led-Federal Government to be pro-active in decision making regarding activities of Boko Haram and insecurity generally henceforth, security operatives must be willing, and ready to win the war against insurgency by all means and most importantly, our people must be ready to give information needed to the security agencies and government in order to win the war.

Federal Government should also encourage, support and motivate the people at the war-front. Military should endeavour to continue the fight against the insurgency, engage indigenes, other security agencies and residents on information and/or intelligence gathering and allow the non-governmental organisations like Amnesty International,  UNICEF and others to do their work too.

This very fight can only be won with the collaboration of the aforementioned organisations and with the support of all and sundry.

– Yusuf Adeyanju Yisau, MPR, ANIPR, MIMMA

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