INGRA Commends Kogi Government for Developing 10-Year Rolling Plan

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The importance of planning in development is critical for achievement of any measurable result, whether in public or private enterprise. It becomes imperative that a documented and strategic tool be put in place to address all factors that will contribute to the attainment of a set oal.

Kogi State since inception, has had no State plan on which public resource expenditure is derivable. This meant that almost all the State Budgets have not been developed from an evidence-based concept. This has over time, led to poor performance in implementation and poor impact on the Citizens life. Another consequence of absence of a plan is that the State does not adequately capture contributory activities of the Private sector and Donor Agencies in the development of the State.

All this has clouded the Kogi State public sector Revenue and Expenditure management system in secrecy and mystery, giving room for suspicions and corruption.

However, we are glad that finally a government has come that has realized the need for this fundamental process to be put in place to provide a viable framework for development of the State.

The on-going preliminary activities by the Kogi State Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning aimed at developing a 10- year Development Plan for the State, has gladdened our heart and we commend the Government for this.

Participation of civil Society in the process has again shown the desire of the government especially the Commissioner and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, to ensure that the inputs from the Citizens are captured and that inclusive participation is guaranteed in the development process. This is a very worthy initiative and one that subsequent government must imbibe.

We call on the Alhaji Yahaya Bello government to Fastrack this laudable process by expanding the scope of interaction with many more stakeholders aimed at collation of inputs from a wide spectrum of our society to ensure that the final document speaks to the aspirations and hopes of our people.

The Ministry of Finance Budget and Economic Planning must be adequately supported to develop this document which will be a LEGACY PROJECT of this administration, as it will establish a baseline for development for the State.

Finally, it is imperative that this present Government headed by Alhaji Yahaya Bello, ensure that there is strict adherence to the final document during preparations of subsequent State Budgets, as only through it can his administration lay the foundation for sustainable and inclusive development, which was the core expectation of Citizens during his inauguration on 26th January 2016.

Hamza Aliyu,
Executive Director, Initiative for Grassroot Advancement (INGRA)

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