Inauguration: Youth League Foundation Writes Gov Bello

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Your Excellency,
Governor Yahaya Bello,

The Youth League Foundation wishes to congratulate you on assumption of office of the Governor, following an outstanding victory in a peaceful democratic general election.

We believe that only a man with a vision for his state could make such a long journey, notwithstanding rigors of preceding unsuccessful attempts. We hope you will not allow actions of misguided and self-serving bureaucrats to blur this noble vision you have for our beautiful state, Kogi.

His Excellency sir, your victory in this election is a proof that the people of Kogi state have become well informed and therefore, guided by zeitgeist in making their choice.

Our state problems are many, and expectations from the Governor are high. Your profile, manifesto, and campaign rhetoric gives us confidence that you are fully grounded on the magnitude of the tasks ahead of us all, and that you have developed solution algorithms, but, we know you are a man of integrity, selfless and focused.

Your ability to enlist Kogi of the same ‘steel’, with disregard to ethnicity, quota system or regional representation, and form alliance with the masses, determine success of your government.

Kogites voted for Change. Kogites voted for creativity. Kogites voted for a state where things work, and they have given you the baton of leadership. Use it without fear or favour and Kogi shall be a great state.

We wish you a successful tenure. Together we can.


Haruna Abdulqudus
President, Youth League Foundation.

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