I’m Not A Politician, Don’t Use My Foundation As A Political Tool – Anthony Ogah

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I wish to reiterate my stand in politics and political involvements to the general public and my fans. I am not a politician, I don’t Intend to contest for any political office now or in the future, my philanthropic lifestyle is not on political basis, my Foundation is not funded or sponsored by any politician, all the outreaches by the the Anthony Ogah Peace Foundation is 100% sponsored by myself with the help and grace of God.

I am using this medium to tell all those who are vying for one political office or the other to go to their various constituencies/villages to canvas for votes themselves with reasons why their people should vote them in and stop using the Anthony Ogah Peace Foundation as tool for soft landing or influence to woe the people. I am not sponsoring any politician to go and be funding my Foundation and I’m not been sponsored by any.

The general public and my fans should jettison/discard the news going about that myself and my Foundation is involved in any political Movement. I am popularly called Non political Governor of Kogi East because my mission is non political. It’s simply an organization for the relief of poverty and terrorism in my constituency, my State and country at large.

God bless you all!


 Anthony Ogah
President, Anthony Ogah Peace Foundation.

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